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Springtime is Crappie Time!

The “fish of a thousand names” is an early season favorite among fishermen for what they offer at the end of a line and on top of a dinner plate.

Alternative Power for Boats

Alternative choices for powering boats are expanding these days due to available funding and a demand for greener options.


Swing Set

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

A Milestone

Starting with the good stuff about living here in Key West on our boat; the picture above is from one of our afternoons on the dinghy at the Boca Chica sandbar. No, we aren't trying to rig up a sail for the dinghy; we just use the umbrella for shade when Holly gets too hot. Today...


Having Other People Do Things For You Is A Lot Of Work Sometimes

Let's start with some fun stuff! In the picture above is James and Marny with us at Turtle Kraals last week. James and Marny are friends we met at Lake of the Ozarks late in the last century. We haven't seen them since we left St. Louis almost two years ago. They came down with...



Odduck: Adventures in Boat Restoration

Winding Down for Winter

Work on Odduck has pretty well stopped for the year. Besides the low temperatures, this is the time of year we put things together for an extended stay in the Florida Keys. This year's project involves crafting a rack for my inflatable boat's trailer to hold a kayak and two bicycles...


Random Thoughts About Boat Rebuilding

When progress slowed on my boat rebuilding project this summer and fall due to real life, non-boat-related circumstances, I had time to ponder a few things about what I was doing...


Running In Fog

Running In Fog: HeartLand Boating Humor

Desert Island Mistake

Did I ever tell you about the time I was stranded on a desert island?” asked my companion. “Uh, no, you never told me that one,” I answered. I started to gather my stuff, car keys, cell phone, purse and book. I never leave home without a book. “Where are...


The Mayor of Port Matilda

I’m sitting on a most unusual dock. It starts off narrow, and gets wider and wider, until, at the water end, it measures about 20 feet in width. The narrow portion is about 10 feet in width. Out here, at the end, rests a cabin. Not a boathouse, not a picnic area, but a cabin...


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