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Joy to the World

Joystick maneuvering systems provide a virtually instantaneous comfort level for even the newest of novices.

Stocking Your Boat's First Aid Kit

While a first-aid kit isn't a Coast Guard requirement, it can be a great comfort in times of necessity.


Swing Set

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

The Beach Party Circuit

Our trip to the dermatologist was fairly uneventful last week. The doctor asked us if she could spare us the lecture about all the exposure that we were getting from the sun, and we told her that she could, we've heard it before. We promised to return in at least a year, and out the door...


Dinghy Ride To Boca Grande

Once I had our SeaDek pads in hand, and they were found to be cut properly, I set to removing the old pads early the next day. A plastic putty knife came in handy, and the pads peeled up without too much difficulty. But then the real work began. The residual glue was very difficult to...



Odduck: Adventures in Boat Restoration

Winding Down for Winter

Work on Odduck has pretty well stopped for the year. Besides the low temperatures, this is the time of year we put things together for an extended stay in the Florida Keys. This year's project involves crafting a rack for my inflatable boat's trailer to hold a kayak and two bicycles...


Random Thoughts About Boat Rebuilding

When progress slowed on my boat rebuilding project this summer and fall due to real life, non-boat-related circumstances, I had time to ponder a few things about what I was doing...


Running In Fog

Running In Fog: HeartLand Boating Humor

Stacey, the Fish and Nuclear Orange

Stacey and I were sitting in the Chinese restaurant. It was a new buffet, with great sushi, delicate and authentic tea and, well, I go there a lot. We were enjoying our lunch together, a rare break from the daily routine. The place was packed, but I am still convinced I was the only one...


Desert Island Mistake

Did I ever tell you about the time I was stranded on a desert island?” asked my companion. “Uh, no, you never told me that one,” I answered. I started to gather my stuff, car keys, cell phone, purse and book. I never leave home without a book. “Where are...


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