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Shurhold Dual Action Polisher

If you’re the type who likes to see your reflection smiling back at you from the sheen on your hull sides, then the Dual Action Polisher from Shurhold Industries is for you. This easy-to-use product lets you polish and detail your boat like a pro. And the accessories will help you accomplish even more.

Most of the polisher’s pads attach with Velcro, making them simple to take on and off, which comes in handy during cleaning. Start out with the black Pro Polish Pad, add whichever boat polish or wax you prefer, and buff an area until there’s a nice haze. Then, cover the black pad with the red Brite Bonnet Final Pad and clean off the haze. It’s that quick and easy.

For scum below the waterline, attach the Fine White Scrubber Pad, which is similar to a Scotch Brite pad but is gentle enough to not scratch your fiberglass. For more aggressive scum, try the Blue Medium Scrubber Pad or Stiff Brown Scrubber Pad. When using a rubbing compound, the wool-based Buff Magic Compounding Pad can be attached to help buff out any surface scratches.

Taking good care of your pads ensures a longer life and showroom shine. That’s why Shurhold also offers a Pad Fluffing Brush. Simply brush out each pad by hand to make it fluffier and remove any hardened polish or other compounds.

The Dual Action Polisher has a price of $149.99, with pads starting at $6.98 each.

To watch a video of the polisher and pads in action, visit

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