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Dolphinite GelMatch All-In-One Gelcoat Aerosol Can

The new Dolphinite GelMatch All-In-One Gelcoat Aerosol Can solves the traditional challenges when repairing gelcoat. Most repairs are costly and time consuming, so mistakes in mixing and color matching can be very expensive. Dolphinite’s GelMatch All-In-One Gelcoat Aerosol Can takes the guess out of these problems, providing an aerosol can that is pre-filled with a proprietary All-In-One Gelcoat and matched perfectly to original factory colors.  

“My idea is to give every boat owner the opportunity to repair their boat like a professional. Everything is pre-mixed and color matched, so you will not make any mistake. Matching and applying gelcoat has been the hardest part of repairing gelcoat, until now,” said Dolphinite President and CEO Adam Boulay.

The Dolphinite All-In-One Gelcoat Aerosol Can features a two-component can that houses the M.E.K.P. catalyst in an inner chamber, which is easily activated for fast use by simply breaking the inner seal at the bottom of the can – no mess, no mixing. 

In the outer chamber, the can is pre-filled with Dolphinite’s proprietary All-In-One gelcoat formula color matched to original factory colors utilizing Dolphinite’s GelMatch Gelcoat Color Matching System.  This system allows users to enter year, make, model and length of a boat dating back to 1984.  

Versatility and superior spray coverage is easily achieved with Dolphinite’s innovative GelMatch Variator Nozzle. This nozzle gives the user the ability to adjust fan size and output by simply turning the red wheel to "MAX", "MED" or "MIN". The nozzle can spray vertical or horizontal while controlling the fan pattern, much like a professional spray gun. Dolphinite’s GelMatch Variator Nozzle combined with its two internal chambers, ensures the right ratio is mixed every time. Professional results from an easy-to-use aerosol can.

Contact Dolphinite at or 1-855-GEL-COAT (1.855.435.2628).

Jul 20, 2015 04:54 pm
 Posted by  Lyse G.

where can I buy this product in Montreal, canada
or can i Oeder it in the US
Thank you
Lyse Grondin

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