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Larson LEDUL12 Underwater LED

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful new underwater LED light ideal for mounting on boats below the waterline. The LEDUL12 Underwater LED light provides high output combined with low power requirements and a small form to give boaters an excellent method of providing underwater illumination directly from the hull.

The quality LED boat light produces 2,700 lumens of intense light output, yet pulls only 45 watts at 3.5 amps from a standard 12-volt electrical system. This light is also available in single or dual color modes including only white, or white and blue, allowing operators to change lighting color with the flick of a switch if so desired.

Unlike standard halogen hull lights that can require a large hole be drilled through the hull for installation, this LED light has a simple half-inch shaft on the back that acts as a conduit for wiring and three mounting holes in the body for screwing the fixture directly to the hull. This simplified mounting design is less stressful on the hull and provides a more secure and straightforward attachment without the need for drilling large holes or the associated complex sealing methods required afterwards. The wiring is not exposed to water, and the built-in wiring shaft protects against chafing and wire wear to provide extremely reliable and safe operation.

The lamp housing itself measures only 3.94 inches in diameter by 0.75 inches thick and houses 12 high intensity LEDs that are fully sealed against water intrusion to 6 feet of submersion. The housing also contains an advanced intelligent microprocessor that controls light function, meaning this light does not require any additional drivers or hardware for installation.

For more information, call 1-800-369-6671.

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