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Beckson Newport Opening Ports

Fresh air enhances the indoor environment of a boat cabin, and Beckson's reliable Newport Opening Ports add ventilation to any vessel. They're offered in two models, Self Drain and Rain Drain.

The Beckson Self Drain Opening Port is designed with an angled drainage ramp molded on the inside of the spigot. This promotes drainage without having the hassle of making angled cuts in the hull. This also allows for thru-bolting, which is impossible in windows where an angled spigot extends below the bolt holes. The internal angle seats tightly against the gasket and lens, so there's no water-fall when the port is opened after a rain. Self Drain Opening Ports are ideal for mounting where installation is within 15 degrees of vertical.

Designed primarily for installation where cabin sides have excessive angles and other ports would collect rain and spray, the Rain Drain Opening Ports, cut at 5/8 inch, will drain while tipped back up to 45 degrees. Unlike others, Beckson Rain Drain Ports have open drains, which resist clogging and are easy to clean.

Both styles come in standard 1 inch or 2 inch spigot lengths, sized from 3 inches by 10 inches to 7 inches by 14 inches. Spigots should be trimmed flush after installation for best drainage.  

Beckson's Opening Ports retail from $123. Contact Beckson Marine at or visit for more information.

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