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Davis Instruments LineGrabber

While there are various knots and mechanical devices that can attach an intermediate tie-off point onto a line, sometimes the best solution is the most simple. The LineGrabber from Davis Instruments enables owners to make an attachment point to a line without making a knot. It works by cinching tight around a line. The more tension that is applied to the LineGrabber, the more it tightens on the line.

LineGrabber has hundreds of uses. It can be used to take tension off a jammed line, secure a rescue line, add a secure attachment point to a grab rail or stanchion, lead a static line in any direction, grab chains and railings or climb any rope, line or halyard. Perfect for rafts, boats and kayaks, it can help secure an anchor or create a temporary mooring. In addition, LineGrabber can attach to harnesses, pulleys, or gently to car tops.

Made from 1/4" high modulus fiber with a sewn loop at each end, LineGrabber can hold up to 2,000 pounds. For any size line from 1/2" to 1" in diameter, users loop the LineGrabber twice around and through itself each time. Cinching it tight then creates a strong, secure attachment point. For lines smaller than 1/2" in diameter, the LineGrabber can be looped around three times.

To easily adjust and remove the loop, owners just loosen it, slide where needed and cinch it tight. This handy, convenient product also floats. Davis Instruments' LineGrabbers have a price of $16.99 per pair.

Contact Davis Instruments at 510-732-9229 or Visit them online at

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