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A new product line is providing an energy-free, green way to shed light on sidewalks, driveways, docks, decks, pathways, homes, apartments and more. The GLOWr product line from Handy Home Products Inc. was designed to offer a unique aid in wayfinding for homeowners and businesses. The GLOWr line offers a grid-free alternative to electrical lighting and works much more effectively than reflectors now on the market.

The ingenuity of the GLOWr product line comes from its patented crystal technology. With only eight minutes of light absorption, either from direct sun or indirect light from fluorescents, the products will glow for up to 48 hours with no batteries, bulbs or electricity. The GLOWr products are easily install ed and once set in place require no maintenance or worry.

The GLOWr line consists of two offerings right now:

  • The GLOWr Address Number System attaches simply to the outside of any home or building to provide an illuminated address so EMS, fire, police and delivery drivers can see the numbers on any darkened street or neighborhood.
  • The GLOWr Wayfinding Illumination Discs are a boundary marking system used to shed light on areas in dark conditions, safely illuminating walkways, driveways, docks and more.

The GLOWr product line recently won “Best In Class” for outdoor products at the 2013 Housewares Design Awards in New York. Handy Home Products are also designing EXIT signs, light switch cover plates and a wide range of other products to aid in night time wayfinding, and all without the usage of batteries or external electricity.

The GLOWr Wayfinding Illumination Discs sell for $9.99 for a two-pack and the GLOWr Address Number System sells for $9.99 each. These products and more from Handy Home Products are available at a growing number of stores nationwide.

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