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Kilkee Sandals

A lot of people underestimate the power of good foot health. From exercising to running errands, we are constantly on-the-go and simply walking around on an average day pounds feet with hundreds of tons of force.

The makers of Barefooters, a walking shoe designed to naturally strengthen feet, stretch ligaments and massage tired muscles, has developed a newe product, the Kilkee sandal. Named after Kilkee beach in County Clare, Ireland, the sandal is made of Corksilite, a compound of natural cork and silicone that is vegan friendly and has a removable insole called Oooaaahs Relax, which has massaging reflexology pods.

The massaging in the Kilkee sandal occurs underneath the smooth surface, where a series of hollow cones help absorb the impact of walking. The Oooaaahs Relax provides lively ground confirmation and comfort while strengthening the foot by encouraging national locomotion.

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