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Hella 0881 Series LED Light Strips

High quality boat lighting is essential for providing safety around dark steps and corners, and illuminating compartments and storage areas. The new 0881 series of LED strip lamps from Hella marine increase visibility, making life on the water easier and more enjoyable.

The low profile of these surface-mounted slimline lamps means they can be installed almost anywhere aboard. With a depth of just over 3/8", they're shallow enough to fit into the tightest spaces.

Like all Hella LED products, the 0881 series features advanced lens optics for even light distribution, thus reducing harsh glare that causes eye strain. At the same time, it delivers the latest in efficiency and durability. Premium twin-core marine cable is pre-wired and sealed inside for dependable electrical connections in all conditions, whether used on the interior or exterior of a vessel.

Hella offers a choice of two different intensities of strip lamps to meet a variety of lighting applications. With an intensity range of less than 2 watts, the LED courtesy lamps give off a soft, uniform light pattern. This makes them ideal for brightening a storage locker, enhancing visibility under a cabinet or increasing security at a rail. Courtesy lamps come in white, warm white, blue and red. Both 12V DC and 24V DC versions are available.

The 0881 series of interior LED lamps have an intensity range of under 3 watts for powerful illumination in 5000K white or 3500K warm white, and in either 12V DC or 24V DC. These lights provide a useful alternative to less effective low power 7-watt fluorescent or 10-watt incandescent lamps.

With completely sealed, IP 67-rated housings, these precision-manufactured units are impervious to UV rays, moisture and dust. Like all Hella lighting, they are thoroughly tested to ensure resistance to high levels of vibration, impact and shock. Snap-on end caps cover the fastenings on either side of the lamp body, giving the strips a clean, modern look. Constructed from advanced polymers, Hella lenses will not yellow or deteriorate, even in a harsh marine environment.

All 0881 series strip lamps can be controlled with a Hella marine dimmer. Each light measures 11.22" L x 1" W x .39" D and weighs less than 4 oz. Worldwide marine lighting specialist Hella offers a five-year warranty on all its LED products.

Hella marine's 0881 series of LED interior and courtesy strip lamps has a starting price of $66.67. Contact Hella Marine Inc. at 770-631-7500, or

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