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Seamaster Three-Color LED Light

Whether setting the mood or providing additional safety with task lighting, the night gets brighter with Seamaster Marine Products' new, round, three-color LED light. Featuring a high-quality, anodized, marine-grade aluminum housing, this light is easily mounted with two screws and wired in seconds.

Boaters no longer have to buy multiple lights to get the multiple colors they need. With one LED fixture, owners can have white, red or blue lighting with one switch. Owners can also replace their older fluorescent T-top round cartridge lights with a Seamaster round replacement cartridge. With only two wires, this round replacement easily plugs into the existing wiring to make installation a snap.

To operate, users switch it on for one color, then off and on again for the second color and off and on once more for the third color. The cool white light creates a clean, non-glaring illumination for nighttime boating and for tasks, while the red gives needed light without creating eye dilation to better preserve night vision and for fishing, navigating and safety. The blue light sets the mood and makes a boat look sensational.

With 90 high-intensity LEDs, each 12V light draws less than 1 amp. The light measures 22.5" long and weighs less than 2.5 lbs.

With Seamaster LED lights, there's no corrosive metals or incandescent bulbs to fail. Fully marinized to stand up to the roughest marine conditions, the new round light is designed to light for life and is backed with a new lifetime warranty.

Seamaster's new, two-wire, three-color, round LED light with aluminum housing retails for $184.95. The replacement cartridge sells for $129.95. Contact Seamaster Marine Products at 877-SEA-8488;;

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