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ComNav G1 Satellite Compass

The new G1 Satellite Compass supports both GPS and GLONASS, and SBAS satellites for complete redundancy. You can now feel comfortable knowing that your heading accuracy is less that 0.5 degrees rms. Position accuracy is amazing at less than 1 meter globally. IMC technology provides enhanced roll, tilt and heading stability even during momentary loss of satellite signals. The optional G3 color display adds to the experience by giving you clear and accurate visual compass data.

The G1 Satellite Compass is easy to use: Simply choose the pre-programmed default settings for Heading, Rate of Turn, Course Over Ground, Lat/Long Position and Time & Date, or advanced users can customize the settings to fit specific vessels or applications. Engineered enhancements exceed sealed IP67 waterproof ratings. A selectable BAUD rate makes the G1 fully NMEA 0813/2000 compatible, so you can interface to radar, ECDIS, AIS, cameras, sonar, PCs, MFDs, autopilots and more. A compact integrated surface mount, pole mount and 15-meter serial cable come standard and make installation easy. With 2 x 32 parallel tracking GPS, GLONASS and SBAS, you can be confident in your compass accuracy worldwide

The G1 provides precise, true compass bearings anywhere in the world with no need for deviation tables or compass correction cards. In fact, you can find the exact deviation of your magnetic compass by using these state-of-the-art satellite compasses. Not only that, but there is no need for compass balancing and adjustment or carrying multiple magnetic compasses set for different world zones. Best of all, with any of the Comnav satellite compasses, there is no need to worry about ferro-magnetic effects. They work just as well on steel boats as they do on composite or aluminum vessels.

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