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Garmin Targets Freshwater Lakes

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), a global leader in satellite navigation, has announced an update to LakeVü HD Ultra. With a significant addition to an already extensive database of detailed lake cartography, new features have been added to provide unparalleled detail to the most accurate mapping on the market.

“Cartography is such a crucial part of the fishing experience, and LakeVü HD Ultra brings unrivaled detail to the angler’s fingertips,” said Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales. “Garmin is dedicated to producing the best freshwater cartography on the market. With an expanding database of lakes and the incredible precision of MaxDef, LakeVü HD has more than double the detail of the nearest competitor for inland mapping.”

The database of high-definition inland lakes for LakeVü HD Ultra has been significantly increased for 2014. While over 17,000 inland lakes are represented, LakeVü HD Ultra now boasts over 5,700 high-definition lakes with 1-foot contour lines shore-to-shore, ten-times the previous amount. With such a large number of lakes providing high-definition detail, it’s significantly easier to locate a local fishing spot with better detail than ever.

A new feature added to all HD lakes is high-resolution Relief Shading. With Relief Shading, color and visual depth are added to help easily interpret humps, valleys and drop-offs. It allows for a two-dimensional map to help take on a three-dimensional look and feel.

LakeVü HD Ultra provides added benefit to the angler by including exclusive Garmin surveyed MaxDef lake maps. MaxDef maps currently include over 40 of the top fishing lakes in the U.S. and are far more accurate than the leading recreational fishing cartography currently available.

MaxDef presents a level of detail never before seen and offers an authentic representation of the lake bottom. It integrates highly detailed sonar imagery and unprecedented views of the lake bottom with precise accuracy. MaxDef also includes surface and side scan photos of notable structure and submersed landmarks, providing a complementary picture to the angler of what’s below the water’s surface.

Not only has LakeVü HD Ultra been enhanced with great features to help pinpoint the best fishing locations, coverage for the entire United States is now offered as one region. Previously, LakeVü HD Ultra was broken into 5 separate regions but now all coverage is offered on one card, allowing an angler from any area the freedom to fish any location without having to purchase multiple regions.

Integration with SideVü and DownVü
Garmin has invested heavily in the freshwater market by assembling a fleet of boats to gather the most detailed lake data available. For an angler, having a fully comprehensive and detailed view of a lake provides better awareness to where the most ideal locations are to fish. By using LakeVü HD Ultra with MaxDef lakes in conjunction with Garmin HD-ID sonar and newly announced DownVü and SideVü scanning sonar, the angler is provided the most comprehensive information on the market.

LakeVü HD Ultra with MaxDef will be compatible with the GPSMAP® 500 and 700 series, newly announced GPSMAP 800 and 1000 series, and echoMAP™ 50 and 70 series.

LakeVü HD Ultra with MaxDef is scheduled to be available in Q1 of 2014. For additional information, visit

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