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July 2013


The Best Laid Plans...

As a result of the serious illness of a family member and a knee injury I incurred in mid-June that led to surgery on it mid-July, progress on Odduck slowed. The biggest step forward was having 57 holes in the boat welded closed. The transom had 15 holes from a speedometer and its cable, a transducer, maybe some anodes and a couple of lift rings I wanted repositioned. There were also multiple holes on the rear and side decks where a loran antenna and fishing equipment brackets had been. I'm changing the forward navigation lights, so those holes needed filling, as did several others on the bow where a horn had been repositioned. So, as long as he was welding the below-water holes, I had him do them all. I ground them down with an electric drill and coarse sandpaper. For...

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Follow longtime HeartLand Boating contributor Gary Kramer on his latest undertaking: rebuilding a 1987, 24-foot, aluminum Crestliner Sabre Mid-Cabin Day Cruiser from the hull up.




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