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June 2013


Only in Illinois?

The Illinois Secretary of State Police Office proudly boasts they are nationally recognized as “one of the premier agencies for the enforcement of the motor vehicle theft statutes and the regulation of the automotive industry.” As part of that, boat trailers in Illinois are considered vehicles, so must have titles. But the trailer that came with Odduck only had a Michigan Bill of Sale, and the identification tag with the ID number and other pertinent information had faded and was unreadable. There are EZ Loader graphics on it, so I called them and found out they had not stamped ID numbers in a hidden spot. When I registered the boat, the title agency gave me an application for titling a homemade, trailer but it clearly states the trailer “does not bear,...

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Follow longtime HeartLand Boating contributor Gary Kramer on his latest undertaking: rebuilding a 1987, 24-foot, aluminum Crestliner Sabre Mid-Cabin Day Cruiser from the hull up.




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