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Peter and Bethany, or rather, Pete and Bet, were nice people. They had a nice car, nice clothes and a nice, tidy boat. They were not extravagant with their money; nor were they cheap. They were always nice to friends and happy to see them. They were the sort of friends that I liked to visit. They always had chardonnay and cheese in the fridge for guests, or cookies and milk if you'd rather have those. They were the best kind of people, the kind of people who earn love and respect. So, when they landed at a faraway marina and heard a funny mewing noise at dusk, it was perfectly natural for them to do the nice thing and check it out. Not only did they walk around to find the mewing noise, they carried a little pitcher of milk and a small bowl with them, just in case....

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Stacey, the Fish and Nuclear Orange

Stacey and I were sitting in the Chinese restaurant. It was a new buffet, with great sushi, delicate and authentic tea and, well, I go there a lot. We were enjoying our lunch together, a rare break from the daily routine. The place was packed, but I am still convinced I was the only one using chopsticks. Stacey popped some raw tuna and caviar sushi into her mouth. When she finished chewing she said, “Oh, my, that was good. Did I ever tell you about the first time Jack and I went fishing?” “Nope,” I said, pouring more tea. “But I want to hear about it.” I can drink about 18 pots of tea during a meal. OK, maybe not 18, but let’s just say that I drink so much “free” tea that I am a very good tipper. “Well,...

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Desert Island Mistake

Did I ever tell you about the time I was stranded on a desert island?” asked my companion. “Uh, no, you never told me that one,” I answered. I started to gather my stuff, car keys, cell phone, purse and book. I never leave home without a book. “Where are you going? Sit down, sit down. You have time to hear this one.” Trapped. He was right. I did have the time. I settled back down. We were on his boat, the Bella Luna, rocking gently and safely in her berth. “OK, I have the time, but only if you have the wine,” I answered. “My Gretchen always keeps the larder stocked with wine, no problem there.” He poured me a glass of red, deep and dark. Then, he settled back into his deck chair swirling his own glass...

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The Mayor of Port Matilda

I’m sitting on a most unusual dock. It starts off narrow, and gets wider and wider, until, at the water end, it measures about 20 feet in width. The narrow portion is about 10 feet in width. Out here, at the end, rests a cabin. Not a boathouse, not a picnic area, but a cabin...

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JuneBug 30

Different families make memories in different ways. Some folks have picnics and reunions, some take group vacations, some play board games or go to museums...

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