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April 2013


If I Was in Charge

Shopping is not my favorite thing. Like most guys, I like to know what I need ahead of time, walk into the store, find it, buy it and get home to do better stuff. Like read or garden or boat. Naturally, I also want to save money. As you all know, I am cheap. “Frugal” is the new cool word for cheap. So, being cheap — I mean frugal — I don’t like paying for the accessories or options I don’t need. And I don’t like paying extra for the stuff I like. So, as you can imagine, boat shopping with me is always a pleasure. In the showroom or lot, I always sort by needs and wants. As in, I need a certain engine, but I want a different color. And being frugal, I always ask if they have a coupon online that I don’t know about. I figure...

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