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April 2014


Desert Island Mistake

Did I ever tell you about the time I was stranded on a desert island?” asked my companion. “Uh, no, you never told me that one,” I answered. I started to gather my stuff, car keys, cell phone, purse and book. I never leave home without a book. “Where are you going? Sit down, sit down. You have time to hear this one.” Trapped. He was right. I did have the time. I settled back down. We were on his boat, the Bella Luna, rocking gently and safely in her berth. “OK, I have the time, but only if you have the wine,” I answered. “My Gretchen always keeps the larder stocked with wine, no problem there.” He poured me a glass of red, deep and dark. Then, he settled back into his deck chair swirling his own glass...

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