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February 2013


Forgotten in the Sun

I took a little road trip away from my normal stomping grounds last week. Only for three days. Some may call it a vacation, but I bring so many to-do lists and books and my computer that it really isn’t a vacation by the Webster’s definition. My new theory is that if you take a cell phone with you, you really aren’t getting away from it all. But that’s a topic for another day. Naturally, Captain Nemo, my black lab, came along with me. So, there we were, in the middle of a new place I didn’t know, and Nemo needs to go walkies. Walking a lab is work. They’re friendly and curious and have to check out everyone and everything all of the time. Off we go. Hoping to avoid crowds, I took a side road. Lots of sunshine beating down and a view of...

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Every year, in the middle of a cold snap, we all long for one of those super-hot summer days. Today was one of those super-hot days, and I was not enjoying it. Summer had ended, the kids were back in school and the cool breezes of autumn could be felt in the early morning. But now, Indian Summer was here, and it was worse than July. I hated it, but Nemo, my Black Lab, hated it more. So, I took him down to a nearby stream for a run. It’s a public area, wooded, wild, with a dirt track that ran down to the water as a quasi-boat ramp for kayakers, tubers and canoers who were looking to ride the stream until it met the river about 10 miles away. This stream was not like running the rapids. Indeed, if a blazing, screaming, death-defying stream was a 5, this was more like...

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