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July 2013


Ahoy Matey, and All that Stuff

Everybody has a hobby. We all know folks who collect stuff. I have friends who collect such diverse things as cars, buttons and orchids. I have other friends whose hobbies are doing stuff. Some of them ride bikes, some of them cook, some of them break boards with their hands or feet. Often times, hobbies come with issues. If you collect cars, where do you park them? Buttons, how do you organize your collection? If you love to bake, do you also need to love to jog to work off the calories? If you break boards, do you also need to collect ice cubes or Ben-Gay? But some folks go a wee bit overboard with their hobbies, don’t you think? I mean, it is a hobby, so it should be a source or pleasure and relaxation. But it’s easy to slip into overboard-land. An...

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Pam McDanolds has been writing "Running In Fog," a humorous look at our favorite pastime, since 2007. In her family are two kids, a black lab named Captain Nemo, a powerboat and a sailboat. Illustrations by John R. "Jack" Cassady.




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