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Shopping with Mom

After so many years, you think you know a person. You think you know their ins and outs, their likes and dislikes, their past, present and dreams for the future. But no. There are always things to learn, things that pop out. We were shopping, my mom and I. As usual, we headed straight for the discount racks. It’s a treasure hunt/competition for us. Why? Simple. Cheap runs in my family. “I found a 50-percent off rack,” I proudly announced. “You lose, I see 80 percent off the lowest price over there.” she said, and poof, she was gone. My sister actually calls my mom “poof” because she can disappear faster than you can sneeze. So, my mother “poofed” again and I found her a few minutes later at the sale rack with...

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If I Was in Charge

Shopping is not my favorite thing. Like most guys, I like to know what I need ahead of time, walk into the store, find it, buy it and get home to do better stuff. Like read or garden or boat. Naturally, I also want to save money. As you all know, I am cheap. “Frugal” is the new cool word for cheap. So, being cheap — I mean frugal — I don’t like paying for the accessories or options I don’t need. And I don’t like paying extra for the stuff I like. So, as you can imagine, boat shopping with me is always a pleasure. In the showroom or lot, I always sort by needs and wants. As in, I need a certain engine, but I want a different color. And being frugal, I always ask if they have a coupon online that I don’t know about. I figure...

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Everett Unplugged

Last year about this time, I was doing a wee bit of shopping in a small, privately owned marine store. When possible, I like to shop in the small places. You never know what you’re going to find. It’s like a treasure hunt every single time. I was studying the wall of gadgets when a man came up beside me. I was shopping just for nifty stuff. Nothing special. Truth be told, I was bored that morning and would rather do a bit of boat shopping than mow the lawn. Anyway, this guy didn’t look like a boater. First of all, he was tense. Boaters are usually relaxed. He was dressed in pressed khakis with creases and an Oxford shirt buttoned all the way to the top. He had two cell phones attached to his belt, a phone thingy stuck to his ear and a satchel slung...

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Melanie's First Date

I think there’s a tattoo on my forehead that says “talk to me.” Everywhere I go, people tell me stuff. All sorts of stuff. I don’t know why…maybe they think I’ll be a good listener, which I try to be. Take right now, for instance. I’m sitting in the Subaru dealership getting the oil changed and the tires rotated on my Outback. The lady sitting next to me is named Melanie. She saw the sailboat charm on my necklace and began to talk to me. “My first date was on a boat,” she began by way of introduction. She had one finger pointed at my necklace, and the other hand was holding a paperback. “Hmmm,” I answered, noncommittally, smiling and listening. “I met him on Key Largo,” she continued,...

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Forgotten in the Sun

I took a little road trip away from my normal stomping grounds last week. Only for three days. Some may call it a vacation, but I bring so many to-do lists and books and my computer that it really isn’t a vacation by the Webster’s definition. My new theory is that if you take a cell phone with you, you really aren’t getting away from it all. But that’s a topic for another day. Naturally, Captain Nemo, my black lab, came along with me. So, there we were, in the middle of a new place I didn’t know, and Nemo needs to go walkies. Walking a lab is work. They’re friendly and curious and have to check out everyone and everything all of the time. Off we go. Hoping to avoid crowds, I took a side road. Lots of sunshine beating down and a view of...

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