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Apr 7, 201309:36 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

North and South Bimini

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This photo is looking south from South Bimini Island, actually from the tiki hut at Mackies Sand Bar at the Bimini Sands Beach Club, but more about that later.

My blogs may not contain as many pictures as I'd like to publish while we are here in the Bahamas. Our current data plan only allows 800MBs of data transfer per month, and while this is an upgrade from the plan we instituted last week, it's still falls way short of what I'd prefer. We'll save data transfer on our MiFi device for email, weather and an occasional blog, hopefully at least once per week. Less pictures, and smaller ones, will allow us to retain the data transfer for the services we really need.

After finding out at BaTelCo that we couldn't put their SIM card in our iPad, another boater at the Bimini Blue Water Resort came by late on Friday afternoon and announced that he had just gotten a SIM card installed in his iPad at the local BaTelCo store in Alice Town, and he now has 1G of data transfer, at a cost of $20, plus the cost of the SIM card of $14. I suspect that our boater friend had been imbibing some Kalik's, in fact, a few of them. I don't dispute his claim in general, but I feel like I need to visit the BaTelCo store in Alice Town again on Monday.

So, for this reason, and one other, we are still in Bimini. The other reason is that I'd been watching the weather all week, and the calm period due to arrive today did arrive, but is only to last a day or two. This is plenty of time for us to travel the 80+ miles to Great Harbor in the Northern Berry Islands, but the waves were still to be coming from the north, meaning at least a three-foot beam sea on our port side for a whole day...not a pleasant situation. Weighing all these things, plus our rule of not venturing out on purpose when the wind exceeds 15 miles per hour, we decided that hanging out here in Bimini is not a bad thing, only we wanted a change of scenery.

We stayed at Bimini Blue Water Resort and Marina for four nights, and we went to breakfast twice, once at CJ's, and once at Captain Bob's. We had a good take-out lunch at the Taste of Heaven. I've already mentioned our overpriced dinner at Sherri's Diner. We'd checked out the menu at the Bimini Big Game Club and decided that the management there must be nuts. It's a nice place, but prices are too high. I don't know where all these Bahamians are getting so fat, but they aren't eating out much, and the prices in the little grocery stores leave us scratching our heads too.

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