Swing Set

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

April 2014


When at First You Don't Succeed

Our new bimini top and enclosure was sent to us in one box via UPS just about one month after ordering it from Boatswain's Locker in Jacksonville, Fla. On the day it came, we stripped off the old canvas, Rosie waxed the stainless bows, then we both went to work assembling the new top and curtains, following some very good instructions that came with them. Because the rear curtains ride in a track, we inserted them first and then went around the sides toward the front, after loosening the bows as much as possible. Every part was marked, and every section fit perfectly. I used some tie-down straps to pull the front of the enclosure down to "stretch" the top, and then we let everything hang for a few days to get the kinks out before attempting to install the...

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A Milestone

Starting with the good stuff about living here in Key West on our boat; the picture above is from one of our afternoons on the dinghy at the Boca Chica sandbar. No, we aren't trying to rig up a sail for the dinghy; we just use the umbrella for shade when Holly gets too hot. Today marks exactly two years since we moved onto Swing Set full time. If you've been reading our blog this whole time, you know that for the most part it's been a very positive experience and we wouldn't trade the last two years for anything. Even though we are staying put here at Stock Island Marina Village for a while, there are still fun things to do and side trips to make, but we have some outstanding projects going on and want to clear them up before we take a trip to Fort Jefferson...

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