Swing Set

Aug 10, 201202:15 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

It rained here in Florence on Thursday morning, so we didn't get Swing Set washed, but we did get the engine synchronizer fixed, or at least the part installed. We'll know if it works when we head down the river on Friday morning.

Rosie went to the dermatologist. The appointment was at 3 p.m., and we were 45 minutes early. We were walking out of there by 3 p.m., and it was nothing serious. The doctor froze off the small bump on her temple. I won't get into the medical details.

After the doctor's appointment in Florence, we headed across the river to Muscle Shoals. We made another stop at the Tractor Store and Dollar General for some stuff we forgot to get on the day before. Then, we went to Champy's for an early dinner at 4 p.m.

There were plenty of customers in there at that early hour, and we both ordered a three-piece chicken dinner; mine was white meat, and Rosie ordered dark meat. Look how big those chickens were! We both could eat only two pieces, so we brought the rest back to the boat. If anybody lives in Muscle Shoals, Daphne or Chattanooga, you have to try this place. Nothing fancy, but goooood chicken.

The important object in this picture is the RiverBills.com sticker at the top. I took it with my old iPhone, and there is no flash. I didn't want too much attention drawn, because I didn't ask permission to put the sticker up. Judging by the decor in Champy's, I don't think anyone will notice and take offense, but you never can tell.

We put some fuel in the courtesy car and returned to the marina by 5 p.m., in case some new arrivals wanted to use it. We went to the office to talk to Eva, the owner, one last time. She's really nice and helped us out a lot. Anyone passing through this way should make a stop at the Florence Harbor Marina.

Holly was glad to see us when we got back to the boat. After taking care of some quick business, we took Holly for a walk. There is a nice city park adjacent to the marina and plenty of walking and biking paths to use.

Once back on board, we watched a Netflix movie. We used to watch current movies nearly every night in St. Louis. Now, we watch older movies once or twice a month, and it's really a treat.

We're heading out early on Friday morning and setting the chartplotter for Aqua Yacht Harbor. If we get there before they close, we'll talk with them about our plan to get our prop repaired, and anything else wrong that we may find. This will mean a few days on the hook in the Iuka, Miss., area. We were there a little over a month ago and enjoyed our stay. It seems a lot longer ago than that.

The other big thing on our minds is that our condo was shown twice this week to the same client, but we haven't heard anything from our agent yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping to get a fair offer, so we can get it behind us. Some larger, more complicated portions of our trip are in front of us, and we don't need the distraction.

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