Swing Set

Aug 20, 201204:34 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Upper Tenn-Tom Waterway

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We had no agenda for our travel on Sunday, but we wound up traveling 50 miles in 9 hours, but that included locking through six times, a record for us. Once we got on a roll, and the lock masters were waiting for us at each lock, it seemed a waste to not take advantage of it.

Getting late in the afternoon, and we were on the section of the river that would best be described as still being "canal," but the shore here was lined with pine trees and the cool air and the pine scent as we cruised down the river was a joy.

The guide we got from the fellow boater at Aqua Yacht advertised an anchorage at mile 366, which was a section of the old Tombigbee River. From what we eventually found out, the upper regions of the Tombigbee were straightened out to make the canal, and many of the oxbows have been taken back by nature, but some parts of the original river remain, and we set our course for one of these.

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