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August 2013


Back in the U.S.A. with Some Final Thoughts on the Bahamas

It really makes no sense to visit the Atlantis Resort Marina to just sit on your own boat and not go out, but everything at Atlantis is offensively expensive. We ate out for dinner on the two nights we stayed there, and it was nothing special. Staying at Atlantis is not visiting the Bahamas, though. It's no more the Bahamas than New York, New York in Vegas is like the Big Apple. I have been mentioning that we've had some mechanical issues with the boat. The main engines have been overheating for the last two or three months. Changing impellers hasn't helped. I think it's the heat exchangers. They get deposits on them and can't cool the engine coolant via the raw water. I need to get them taken off and "boiled out" (really, just cleaned with acid our...

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We Wrap Up Our Bahamas Trip in Luxury

When we entered the anchorage at Big Majors Spot, there was a good number of boats at anchor there, and the Staniel Cay Yacht Club was turning customers away. One week later, we were alone at anchor and the yacht club was nearly empty. School has evidently started. On one of our shopping trips into Staniel Cay, we took our books with us. We inquired at the “bakery” about getting the key to the library, went over to unlock the door to what looked to be the oldest building in Staniel Cay, and found a treasure of books inside. There was no electricity, but the light from the open door revealed shelf after shelf of paperbacks and hardcovers, all in alphabetical order according to author. We brought in seven books and placed them in a conspicuous spot with a tag attached...

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Finding It Hard to Leave Staniel Cay

We had a good time snorkeling in the Thunderball Grotto just off of Staniel Cay. Some may remember the James Bond movie from the 1960s, “Thunderball.” Some of the scenes were filmed in the grotto. In the picture above, Rosie had a hard time getting down from the roof of the cave to pose for the picture, and I was helping her get further down beneath the surface. I swear. That evening, we had dinner at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, or rather, we ate something at the bar after a few Bud Lights at happy hour. That night, I got sick as a dog, and we decided it had to be the hamburger I ate, as it was the only thing that no one else had. (Who passes around their hamburger for others to take bites out of?) The whole experience left me a little peevish, and in the...

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Some Mechanical Issues and a Staniel Cay Redux

We left the sanctuary of Elizabeth Harbour a week ago yesterday, but before we left we had a mission to find two bilge blowers to replace the two on the boat that had begun to act up. It proved to be yet another one of our minor adventures. First we went to Top II Bottom, the hardware/miscellaneous store in the heart of Georgetown. I could have sworn I saw a box with the word “blower” on it during one of our visits. (One thing we always do, when we visit a new town or settlement, is to browse through stores' inventories and make mental notes of what they have to offer.) One of the girls in Top II Bottom, as is usually her custom, asked us what it was we were looking for. When I told her that we needed one or two blowers for our engine room, she was perplexed. She...

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Murphy's Law and a Couple Other Things We Can Do Without

It never fails. Murphy’s Law is supreme when you live on a boat. We had planned to leave today and head back up the Exuma island chain, but yesterday, on Sunday morning, I discovered that the blowers for our engine room have both failed. Of course, the one or two places that may have blowers in stock are closed on Sundays. Get ‘em early on Monday and be on our way? No. Today is Emancipation Day here in the Bahamas, and it’s a national holiday. Everyone is closed. Everyone except Chat ‘N’ Chill. After spending the whole weekend anchored just off the beach at Chat ‘N’ Chill, we motored back over to our favorite anchorage just off of Hamburger Beach a week ago. We didn’t do much all week except visit the grocery store and the...

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