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Aug 31, 201301:47 PM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Back in the U.S.A. with Some Final Thoughts on the Bahamas

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Back below, I crawled further back into the bilge. Yes, it was hot water. I tasted it earlier to make sure it was fresh water and not salt water. (Something to remember.) My trouble light soon revealed the source of our leak. It is the hot water tank. This is bad news.

The quick fix for the short term will be to bypass the hot water heater. I already had the fittings tie-wrapped to the water heater because I used to bypass the heater when I would winterize the boat. I'll bypass the heater in the morning and then decide whether to install a home-style unit or break out the big bucks and put original equipment back in.

Meanwhile, I took a shower and went back up to the dockmasters office. Tony, the dockmaster, was back, and even though this marina does not allow liveaboards under any circumstances, he agreed to lease us a slip for a week at $2 per foot per day. He was very nice. This will allow me to take a look at our generator and perhaps install a new impeller. At the very least, we will be able to give Coconut Grove a thorough look-see to determine if we want to stay here this winter after we leave Key West.

Some friends have wondered why we would want to leave the Bahamas. In the first place, we have a commitment to be in Key West in October, as was explained earlier. In the second place, we need service work done, and according to everyone I have spoken to, there is no one you can trust to do the work properly in the Bahamas. Many folks over there will say they can do the work, but they'll take your equipment apart and then not be able to repair it, or get parts. No thanks.

We would like to go back when there is more going on, like in the winter. We had originally thought that we would do our Key West thing and then turn right around and return to the Exumas, but we have been traveling nearly non-stop for a  year and a half. We're thinking a break this winter will be good to bolster up future ideas of wanderlust.

We may have gotten too spoiled being in air conditioning while at Atlantis.

I wanted to post a couple of pictures. The one above is of Rosie entering the library in Staniel Cay. It is a real treasure that most of the locals don't appreciate.

We found that the abandoned developments and projects were depressing. The people are poor and have little motivation. The big resorts come in and drive prices up, and only the very rich can afford things. The locals think that anyone arriving in a boat must be very rich. In comparison, this may be true, but we don't like to think that we are responsible for supporting the whole Bahamian economy.

On a more positive note, I wanted to show you this picture of Holly. We would take the dinghy to the Chat 'N' Chill and just hang out on the beach. Holly would relax under her umbrella in the shade, and we would get more people remarking about how cute she was. Anyone with a camera would take a photo of her.

The last photo will be of Rosie at Bimini Road restaurant at Atlantis. I wish I could keep Rosie this happy all the time.

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