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Aug 28, 201308:34 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

We Wrap Up Our Bahamas Trip in Luxury

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When we entered the anchorage at Big Majors Spot, there was a good number of boats at anchor there, and the Staniel Cay Yacht Club was turning customers away. One week later, we were alone at anchor and the yacht club was nearly empty. School has evidently started.

On one of our shopping trips into Staniel Cay, we took our books with us. We inquired at the “bakery” about getting the key to the library, went over to unlock the door to what looked to be the oldest building in Staniel Cay, and found a treasure of books inside. There was no electricity, but the light from the open door revealed shelf after shelf of paperbacks and hardcovers, all in alphabetical order according to author. We brought in seven books and placed them in a conspicuous spot with a tag attached to the attention of Donnie, an older gentleman we had met on the previous day who was anxious to get some new reading material, as he claimed to have read everything in the library already. We selected five fine books, left a donation in an old cigar box sitting on a desk (with some cash already in it), locked the place up and returned the key to the nice woman at the bakery. The library was the finest treasure we had found in Staniel Cay.

We were thinking about marking Rosie’s 55th birthday at Highbourne Cay, or even in Nassau, but the water in and around Staniel Cay is just so beautiful, and we really don’t want to return to the U.S. until September 1 or so. So, we marked Rosie’s birthday by spending a relaxing day on the hook and then went into Staniel Cay for a birthday dinner. Even though most of the tourists and boaters were gone from the area, half of the dining room eventually filled with customers, and we had a passable dinner, but knew we could have done better ourselves on the boat. If I had only been successful at our several attempts of bagging some lobster or fish earlier in the week.

On Monday morning, we pulled up anchor and started a pleasant cruise northwest through the Exuma Banks. Our destination was just north of Highbourne Cay, at an anchorage we had stayed in on our way down, between Allen’s Cay and Leaf Cay. Half before we got to Highbourne Cay, the gentle following seas became a strong headwind as a front came through from the northwest. I was trying to decide whether to proceed, but whitecaps began forming and lightening was on the horizon. We were about eight miles off the coast of Norman’s Cay, so we turned Swing Set to starboard and found a somewhat protected anchorage from the good-sized rollers coming in from the northwest.

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