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Dec 14, 201208:04 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Everglades City To Marathon

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There are well over 200 mooring balls in this harbor, which is well run by the Marathon City Marina. We called them and were directed into the office because we wanted to fill up our water tank before attaching Swing Set to one of the well maintained mooring balls. See Swing Set in the photo? They are about 65-percent full right now and expect to fill up by the New Year.

After getting settled, we jumped in the dinghy and went sightseeing a bit. The first thing we did was go over to the Sombrero Marina to check in with the Firestones on Grace Full. They were outside in the cockpit of their motor cruiser and were not hard to find. They were still on the lookout for our package and offered to drive us anywhere we needed to go in the next few days. We thanked them profusely and wondered how we ever thought we could be "independent" with all these good-hearted people that tend to surround us.

There are some beautiful vessels here in this harbor, and some very interesting ones, too. The houseboat in the picture has been modified to take advantage of all the room there may be available. I really want to see the inside of this thing before we leave. By the way, they are anchored on the "outside" of the mooring field. Pirates, no doubt.

We cruised by a couple of marinas and found out that most of them were using the tactic of not advertising a fuel price with tax included. According to what some long-time residents in the area told me, this is a new phenomenon that is taking hold. I don't like it. We saw $3.99 plus tax, not too bad, but why not just say what it is?

By the time we had returned to Swing Set, the sun was setting. We saw Alley Cat pull in and hook up to one of the the sturdy mooring balls, and we putted over to say hello again.

Later, Rosie roasted some delicious chicken wings in the convection oven, as the wind kicked up and I didn't think the grill would stay lit. Even though we have an awesome Internet signal, there is no TV, so it was an early night for us. But after a long travel day, sleep came easy and we had the confidence of being hooked to a secure anchor with no worries.

Before we went to bed, we formulated a rough plan for our Friday: We had some business to attend to via some phone calls and email, but first we were going to take a walk and get breakfast, walk to Home Depot and then do much needed laundry. Well, we woke up and let Holly do her business on the swim platform, then I went to give her an early morning scratch behind the ears while she smothered me in kisses, when she yelped when I touched her ears. Do you remember when I told the vet back in Cape Coral that Holly was shaking her head as thought she had some ear trouble, but after two ear inspections we were told that everything was fine? I checked Holly's ears and found odor in both ears and some drainage in her right ear. Ear infection.

I waited until 8 a.m., after searching for a vet on the Internet, and made a call. We were able to schedule an appointment right away and was also told the name of a "pet friendly" taxi service. Within the hour, we were in the waiting room of the Marathon Veterinary Hospital, a $5 cab ride away from the marina.

Dr. Molly ascertained Holly's ear infection, and we were given some medicine and instructions to bring her back in two weeks. We had been down this road before, but this time we had no reservations about staying in Marathon for two weeks and nursing our little pet back to health. This is a pretty good place to hang out.

We walked back to the City Marina, stopping first at Laura's Deli for breakfast, then to the Tru Value Hardware, then to the Home Depot. It had to be over 2 miles back to the marina, and Holly trotted alongside us like a trooper. I, however, got a blister and a backache.

We dropped Holly off at the boat, and we gathered up the laundry and headed back to the marina from our mooring. Once our wash was going, we went over to the big "clubhouse," where lots of other boaters were either using the free WiFi, reading books at the large library or watching TV at one of the three flatscreens on the premises (along with theatre style seating). It's casual but very nice.

Once back to the boat, we gave Holly her medicinal treatment that was required of us and she took it like a champ. Nothing better happen to this dog if we can help it.

The sun was setting over Boot Key Harbor as I came in to post this blog entry. The only thing dampening our spirits is the senseless shootings we heard about at the school in Conneticut. What is wrong with people? I usually end a blog with something funny, or a twist on something I said earlier, but tonight...I don't have it in me.

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