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Dec 9, 201208:25 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time


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A few people stopped by our table to remark on "how cute your doggy is," until Holly would tear them a new pie hole with her barking and growling. She doesn't do this with everyone. We like to think she is a good judge of character, but we think she is making us miss out on some otherwise interesting folks. Maybe she will grow out of it. After lunch, it was back to the boat and a nice nap. Rosie took a picture of me napping with Holly. I am not printing it. My hair is messed up. OK, I'll print it.

After our nap, we did some minor cosmetic chores to the boat, and then we took another dinghy ride close to sunset. It had been overcast, and the sun setting beneath the clouds was very pretty. I was going to take pictures of this and post them, but my hair was messed up.

Earlier in the day, I decided to order some pencil zincs for the Cats, as we will be needing them soon. West Marine doesn't carry the size we need, so I searched Boatzincs.com, a place where I ordered from in the past. The prices at Boatzincs were very good, with free shipping on orders over $100. No problem. I'm ordering enough zincs to cover the next two change outs.

My problem was finding a place to have them shipped to. We know we will be traveling through Marathon, so having them shipped there seemed the thing to do. I called a UPS store there and was told they would only hold a package for two days. Two days! I wanted a longer window, as we don't know exactly when we will arrive in Marathon, or how long it will take for the zincs to ship. I put out a request on the AGLCA site and got a phone call from some Loopers staying on their boat in Marathon until February. They told us they would be happy to get our package for us. That ought to do it. I'll call and order the zincs tomorrow, and if the weather holds out, we should arrive about the same time in Marathon that the zincs do, unless we run into foul weather on the way. That is the fly in the ointment.

We seem to be on schedule to make Key West by New Years, a loose knit plan of ours. We don't have any special plans for Christmas. We'll only be celebrating the arrival of Holly on that day last year. That's as special as it needs to be for us.

I wanted to head south today, as the weather in the Gulf will be quiet, but Rosie wants to visit Stan's here in Goodland because "Carl said it was the best place to go." As it turns out, we have a great deal of fog here this morning as you can see in this next picture.

We also know that our friend, Carl, is not to be disputed when it comes to fun places to go. He may be an expert. So, later this afternoon, we'll go to Stan's for happy hour and a little sumpin' to eat. Stan's is dog friendly, so we shouldn't make too many enemies over there. Anyone who has been to Stan's should note that Stan passed away this year, in February, I think. I was told they paraded his body around the bar for his wake on a Sunday afternoon, keeping up some sort of tradition. I hope they didn't have him dressed in an ascot.

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