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Dec 10, 201308:32 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

An Eventful Week

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Here we are at Stock Island Marina Village. Swing Set is just about in the center of this picture. The marina is slowly filling up. A big rush will take place just after the holidays, so we're happy so far with our choice of slips. We are on the end, so we don't get much foot traffic, and the end "T" is extra wide, so there's a lot of room between our boat and the boat on the outside of the "T". Eventually, we'll have a boat right next to us, as these are doublewide slips, but we could get lucky and have a skinny boat in there.

The new laundry is just off of our dock, and there's a huge bathroom on the end of the laundry building that has a shower big enough for a party. We can only dream.

Our new bike is locked to a bike rack not too far away (we can see it from the boat), and we have a nice cover for it. We had to buy a motorcycle cover to find one to fit, and it took an extra large cover to do it, but it fits fine. We should be able to keep our bike looking nice.

Holly got a new haircut on Monday, in between various other chores. Grooming Holly ourselves saves us a lot of money, plus the groomer is just one more place we don't have to travel to. No telling what kind of riff raff Holly may have to associate with at a groomers anyway.

Late on Monday afternoon, we got a message that our friend Marco and his wife Deby, along with their daughter, Danita, were on their way to Key West for a couple of days. It was too late for us to consider going out once they got settled in, so we planned an outing on the boat for the next day.

The family showed up right on time. It was to be Danita's first boat ride, and it was her birthday, one year old. Holly wasn't used to Danita, and Danita hadn't been close to a dog before, so there were protests from each of them, but it worked out for the most part. We took a slow ride over to Key West Bight to show Marco and Deby the downtown area from the water. We came back late in the afternoon and then rode over to The Hogfish Grill for a late lunch.

The next day, we loaded up Holly on the bike for a ride downtown to the library. We wanted to get some new movies, because it will be a while before the cable TV is operating here at Stock Island Marina Village, and going to bed at 8 o'clock is getting ridiculous.

Holly has a pet carrier that we bought in case we need to fly back to St. Louis, or take a car somewhere, so we put her in it and strapped it to the bike, so the carrier wouldn't go flying out if we crashed. But I made a mistake. I left one of the zippers open on one end of the carrier, so Holly could stick her head out and enjoy the ride.

We were pedaling towards A1A on Cross Street when we came over a little bridge over a canal and I saw a guy on the side of the road next to a bike laying on its side. The guy was struggling to get up, and he was in pursuit of a dog, judging by the fact that he was calling it. As we got nearer, and we were going at a fair clip, I could see that he hadn't had an accident, but he had just laid the bike down in order to attach the dog to a leash, so in passing I asked him if he was OK. When he answered that he was, Holly spied the dog and went nuts, barking and trying to get at the dog. In doing so, she squirmed out of the opening on the carrier, and I didn't notice it.

The following sequence of events happened in just split seconds, but in retrospect, they seem like they were minutes apart.

I heard what sounded like a block of wood hitting the pavement. Rosie yelled that Holly had fallen out, I saw that Holly had fallen out, and we both heard Holly yelp in the most disturbing manner. It's the sound no pet owner wants to hear, either from their own pet or another's.

I quickly stopped the bike, and Rosie was off in a flash. I turned to see Holly on her feet with a car coming in her direction, but Rosie was waving for the car to stop, and it was indeed slowing down, but there was traffic coming from the other direction, too.

I put the bike on the kickstand, not believing now that I took the time to do so, but what I didn't do was panic. Think about it; would an ambulance driver arrive at an accident scene and jump out of the ambulance while it's moving and let it crash into a tree or go off of a cliff? No. The ambulance has to be in one piece in order to get the victim to the hospital.

Rosie was scaring Holly by yelling her name and telling her to "come here." Holly was shaken up and was dashing around on the street. The cars were stopped, but you never know when someone will get inpatient and try to dodge around the stopped cars.

One command that Holly understands, and will invariably listen to, is the command to "sit." I stayed as calm as I could, given the circumstances, and told Holly to "sit," so she sat and I picked her up. Rosie and Holly were both shaking as we searched Holly's body for an injury. and we didn't see anything. We then checked her teeth and didn't find any damage to them either. Once we got to a safe spot, we walked her around and decided that Holly survived her fall from the bike without a scratch!

Whether she likes it or not, Holly's rides in her pet carrier will be done with all of the zippers closed completely. We cannot believe our good fortune that Holly was not injured.

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