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Dec 2, 201308:50 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Stock Island Marina Village

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Due to the northerly breeze, we got Swing Set snuggled in with just a bit of difficulty, but with the assistance of  a new dock neighbor, we did so without major incident. Swing Set fits just right in her slip. We have enough room behind her to drop the dinghy, hopefully with enough room to squeeze between us and a neighbor, when we get one. Otherwise, we'll put the boat in bow first. Using the dinghy is a priority.

You can see how I've mounted our bike on the aft railing on the flybridge. When we bought the bike, I ordered some aluminum brackets for holding ring buoys on a bow rail, with intentions of holding our aluminum bike, as it weighs less than 40 pounds. I don't like how the ring buoy holders work, and I'm already on my third generation of a bike mounting plan. I've ordered two new holders that are used for mounting Magma grills. They attach easier to the rails and are more solid. The rods are 1/2-inch stainless steel and are beefier than the aluminum ring buoy holders and won't bend. I'll cover them with vinyl tubing, so they won't mar the paint on our bike. I'll post pictures of that setup when I get it done.

We got settled in and visited the office to check in. There is a sailboat on our dock, and the owner has a large Labrador that was roaming free, and I asked about the policy on leashes at the marina. Might as well get any unpleasantness out of the way with the neighbors right off the bat. The policy is that dogs must be on a leash, plus there are two dog parks here for letting pets run, and Monroe County has a leash ordinance. The girl in the office said she would speak to the owner of the dog about keeping it on a leash, but as we passed him on our way back to Swing Set, the opportunity arose to discuss his dog.

Claude, (pronounced "Clode," like in "rode") is a very nice French Canadian fellow and he totally understood about the leash law. In fact, as far as he was concerned, the law in the total United States says that all pets be on a leash at all times, and he only had his dog Rosie (go figure) roaming on the dock because no one else was around. I told him that it did not matter to us as long as Rosie (his Rosie) stayed down by his boat. I just wanted to make sure he knew what the rules were. I also let him know that I knew that people didn't come to Key West to adhere to a bunch of rules, and that we could work it out. We are just concerned that Holly, not being the most social animal, wouldn't be on the receiving end of a dog bite because another dog was running free. Pets not on leashes have been our biggest bugaboo in Key West since we've been here. I've had "discussions" with dog owners two other times. They did not go well.

Back to the boat, we had a little lunch, and then dropped the dinghy in the water for a dinghy riiiiiiiide! We had a slight chop just off the southern side of Boca Chica Key for a five-mile ride to Geiger Key. We wanted to visit Geiger Key Marina, a little hole in the wall that is home to a pleasant tiki bar restaurant, fish camp and RV park. We spent a couple hours there, meeting some locals and getting some tips about the veterinarians in the nearby area. It was a very nice experience, and we can't wait to go again.

It was nearly four o'clock when we got back to Swing Set. One of the staff was making rounds on the docks. We met Mike and learned some things about the marina that we weren't aware of, one being that the cable wasn't working yet. That was a bit of a disappointment, but not the end of the world.

We had a great dinner of leftover Thanksgiving vittles and turned in early with our beloved books, and spent one of the most quiet nights we've had in a while.

There is a Navy airport nearby, and we've heard some loud jets a couple of times, but overall it's quiet here at Stock Island Marina Village. One thing we won't miss here is the loud music played all day in and around Key West Bight, especially the guy over at Schooner's Wharf. Having some music in the background during the day is not too bad, but this guy over at Schooner's plays every afternoon, and he is terrible. Imagine a fella that is still playing music two years after he has been pronounced dead, and you'll have an idea how this guys music sounds.

I've stalled around long enough. Rosie is out washing the boat, and I have chores to do too. We're also waiting to hear from Mark at Key West Diesel. Our generator should be coming in today, and we'll try to get it installed this week sometime. Once that is done, I have to address the issue of our port engine that is still overheating.

We have time, though. We don't need to get in a hurry, because this is a pretty good place to hang our hats for a while.

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