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Feb 15, 201308:27 AM

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Back In Newfound Harbor and Defying Logic

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The sun was barely up, and I went to inspect the flybridge to search for something I may have missed during my previous water leak source searches. (That's a mouthful.) There is a small snap cover in the floor of the flybridge deck that hides a screw where the snap for the carpet used to be when we had carpet up on the flybridge. I had considered this screw as a source of the leak before, but discounted it because the screw now holds down a silicon washer which would keep water from entering the hole where the screw sits. Right?

Water leaks defy logic, so I removed the screw, squirted a liberal amount of silicon sealer into the hole and inserted the screw again. This screw is in the direct path of a small stream that appears as the rain water rolls off the inside of the Isinglass onto the floor. This has to be the source of our leak, but we won't find out until it rains again, which should be this afternoon or tonight. If this solution doesn't work, we may have our upholstery covered in all vinyl and treat it like our seating in the cockpit outside and just let the rain pour in while we wear our raincoats at the dinette for dinner.

While we ate our breakfast, I contemplated the iPad issue, then I reset the iPad, which always makes me nervous. Like a good doctor "I did no harm," but I didn't solve the problem either. Even though I had removed the SIM card and reinstalled it before turning in last night, I went through the process again even though logic says I was wasting my time. When turning on the iPad, I got a 5 bar 3G signal like we're supposed to. I am learning to ignore logic when it comes to rain water leaks and computers.


In an unprecedented move, I'm updating this blog due to a momentous occasion; I believe I have fixed the leak in our salon ceiling! Was it that screw in the floor? No, sorry to say.

It has been raining off and on all day, and I've been on the settee in the salon reading. This afternoon the drip commenced again from one of the light fixtures right where it always does. I grabbed my screwdrivers and went up to the flybridge. The only screws on the port side where the leaks appeared to be coming from have been removed, filled with silicon sealer, and put back in...except for four of them that hold the brackets on some bimini struts. These struts are under a bit of pressure, and if anyone is reading this who has ever taken those screws out that hold the struts in place can attest to, they are most difficult to get back together sometimes. Well, with Rosie's help, and some creative leveraging, I got the screws out, filled the holes with silicon, and got everything back together without a mishap. But the dryness under those brackets led me to believe that I had wasted my time.

New problems occur usually because something has changed. The key is to find out what is different. The leaks were not occurring on the starboard side of the boat, but the same windshield and hardware screws exist on that side, too. I was studying a trickle of water on the dash, coming from the zippers on the smile windows that are on our bimini top. The water was running into a joint where the dash meets the sides of the flybridge. This joint is on both sides of the dash, and I know the walls are solid from where the windshield is attached to the top of them all the way to the flybridge sole. Not so fast, partner.

Not only was the joint where the dash meets the sidewall on the port side missing some sealant, but once I looked under the dashboard on the port side, I could see where the trickles of water were running down the sidewall and into a hole where the wires for the dash are routed to points below. Bingo! What had changed, other than us having the boat out in the rain more than the previous owner had done? For one thing, I have run more wires up to the dash since we bought the boat. Water usually runs along wires and drips off at low points, so any water that may have leaked in before was now finding new spots to manifest itself inside, instead of running down the insides of the hull to the bilge. Another difference is that this particular access hole is only on the port side, the side where the leaks were occurring.

I said, "Where the leaks were occurring." I am so sure of having found the source of our water leak that once I installed sealant along the dash and sidewall joint, I pulled the protective cover off of the settee and told Rosie our leak problems were over. And I also told you. 

The day didn't turn out so bad after all, and here is proof: a pretty sunset that I didn't think we were going to see this evening!

We have some exploring to do in this area, which will most likely be done in the dinghy. Picnic Island is close by and is frequented by the locals. Maybe we'll find some friendlier people around here than at our last beach visit. As I had mentioned, there are some restaurants nearby, too, and we'll try to visit one or two of them while we are here, but it all depends on the weather. We are expecting some nasty winds and rain this weekend, so we'll stay close to the boat unless conditions are otherwise. I really, REALLY, don't want to have any exciting stories to tell next time.


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