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Feb 7, 201309:03 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Back On The Hook

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After being in Key West and A & B Marina for one month, we left there this morning with mixed feelings. We really had a good time during our stay, met some nice people and got familiar with the town. We do hope to get back to Key West later this year, but it all depends on if we'll be able to get a slip in Key West Bight during what will be the busiest time of the year. I had a nice conversation with the harbormaster before we left, and although he didn't guarantee the availability of a slip for us, come this fall, he did indicate that we will have an inside track if we call him this summer. But sitting at a dock every day gets old, and we were anxious to get back on the anchor.

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We called a cab and rode to the airport for our interview with the Customs and Border Patrol in order to enroll in the Small Vessels Reporting System and the Local Boaters Option. Theoretically, this should allow us to call on the phone when we return to the U.S. if we go out of country, making it unnecessary to report-in to a customs office in person. Our interview consisted of some amiable chatter with a half dozen customs officers and getting our fingerprints taken. Rosie hadn't been printed since her birth. I haven't fared as well over the years, but I feel like my run-ins with law enforcement have made me a well rounded person.

We got another cab and got a ride to Winn-Dixie for provisions. One item on our list was a small griddle to use on our range top. Rosie says I ruined her copper-clad fry pan by using it on the Magma grill outside, and the eggs are sticking to it. I fail to see how a pan is ruined unless there is a hole in it, but what do I know? We determined just where in our already full storage areas we were going to put the griddle before getting one. For $19, if it doesn't work out, I'll use it for an anvil.

We now have a loosely followed system of only filling one grocery cart (level), which allows us to be able to carry in our bags, backpack and cart, whatever we wind up buying at a grocery store. We still had to wait more than a half hour, surrounded by our booty at curbside, for a cab to arrive to take us back to the marina. By the time Rosie got finished stocking our purchases into the fridge and pantries, our afternoon was nearly shot. We decided to relax on the boat and watch the activity on the dock.

A large Westport Yacht at the end of the pier was filling up with guests for a cocktail cruise. Big Time always has a party going on, and there is a continuous parade of guests rolling overnight bags down the dock for a night or two aboard this fabulous yacht. In the photo above, two of the guests aboard Texas Tea were going over to join all the other folks on Big Time. Holly was taking a rest from "greeting" everyone who walked by our boat.

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