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Feb 7, 201309:03 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Back On The Hook

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We paid one last visit to The Conch Republic Saloon, which overlooks Key West Bight. They have a pretty good deal at Happy Hour and we took advantage of it. Then, to celebrate a successful visit to a fun town, we treated ourselves to dinner at Berlins, the "B" in A & B Lobster House, the "A" being Alfonsos, the bar/restaurant the sits below Berlins on the first floor. Our meal cost us nearly what we paid for a whole cart of groceries from Winn-Dixie, but we'll be on the hook for the next few weeks and won't be spending a dime. You can't take it with you.

We said some goodbyes at the dock, shaking a few hands, but not making a big production out of leaving. We feel like we'll see most of these boaters again somewhere. No point in getting all blubbery. Honestly, I think some of our dock neighbors were glad to see us go, the "greeter" became annoying at times.

I took the shot heading up this blog this morning as we set a course up the northwest channel from the cruise ship dock. We ran at our customary 1200 rpm, around 9 mph. There was still some wind at our backs, and I knew that once we got past the reef and headed east, we'd have some beam seas, so I figured to take our time. My hunch paid off, and we had a pleasant cruise to our "lobster hole." We put the anchor down on a sand bottom in 9 feet of water and got a good hold.

Lunchtime comes early after a very light breakfast, and after lunch, some book reading time appealed to me more than getting gear on to search for lobster. Those lobster won't go anywhere. We spent the afternoon on the foredeck, soaking up rays and reading our Kindles.

After another ho-hum sunset (we are getting spoiled), it was time for our dinner of leftovers. It's our way of saving money and also our way of keeping the refrigerator organized. Rosie mixed rice and black beans, beef stew, steamed broccoli and added some brown gravy, and served it up with some Tostitos artisan black bean and garlic chips for a satisfying meal.

During a game of dominoes, Rosie noticed hole in the seam of one of our throw pillows, so when we finished the game, I got out our sewing kit and mended the pillow while she played around on the iPad. Finding some green thread that matched the pillow was a small joy that can't be appreciated by most people. I even looked for, and found, another spot on the pillow that needed mending. The chore was that rewarding.

We're anchored only five miles or so from Key West, and we can see the lights of Key West and Stock Island off in the distance. But it's dark out here, the wind has calmed down considerably and it feels good to be out on our own again. I wonder if the owners of Big Time would be satisfied with this comparatively simple existence?

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