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Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

February 2014


Even Sitting Still, Things Break

When the Fenton gang was here last week, Robert "Ferd" Frank was nice enough to take some photos, and even nicer to send them to us once they got sorted out. I explained to Ferd that, even though I do take a fair amount of photos on our travels, I like it when we have company and someone else is doing the camera work. I can then concentrate on the "captaining duties." There is distraction enough when the boat is loaded with passengers, let alone me having to drive and take photos, too. Just look at this photo Ferd took when we were all at the Hogfish Bar! Check out his website at ferdworks.com for more of his spectacular photos. As indicated by the title of this blog, we still get systems failures on the boat even while parked here dockside. Like...

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Staying Warm in Key West

Here are my two Valentines, celebrating Valentine's Day at Hogfish after a day out riding around in our dinghy. Four locals who joined our table helped make it a fun evening. My girls don't need fancy. A week ago, we met up with some of our friends from Fenton, Mo., who were in Fort Meyers and drove down to Key West to spend a couple of days. We were able to get out on the boat on Monday, with the seven visitors. Three of the four women in the group are riding up front with Rosie and Holly in the picture above. We were able to make a hot loop through the Key West Bight and past Mallory Square before tackling some headwind when we set our course to return to Stock Island. We finished the night at Hogfish, and everyone liked the place and the food. The next...

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We Get Some More Company

Stock Island Marina Village had their Grand Opening and Kingfish Tournament on the last weekend of January, and the festivities started on Friday night and ran until Sunday afternoon. In addition to the fishing tournament, there was live music all weekend, two great complimentary cocktail parties on Friday and Saturday night, and a free breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday morning. The Sunday buffet included as many Bloody Mary's as you could stomach early in the morning. The colder weather of January passed through, and February has turned out to be very pleasant, weather wise. We had some friends from Missouri come and visit us a couple of weeks ago, and they stayed on a boat over at Oceanside Marina for five nights. Tim and Andrea said the boat was comfortable, and...

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