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Holed Up In Key West

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Once I found the permit application online, I filled it out and we headed to the US Post Office to get a money order and to mail it to the Bahamas. We have two rolls of "forever" stamps. They are only "forever" if you aren't mailing overseas, so it's a good thing we didn't drop the application in a mailbox somewhere. It would have been "forever" lost in some corner of the Key West Post Office.

On our walk to the Post Office, we noticed the Tropic Cinema on Eaton Street. So, after a quick dinner, we walked back to the 5:45 showing of "Lincoln," a film we wanted to see. It had been over 12 years since we had been to a movie theatre, and we really enjoyed it. This little theatre is a non-profit establishment and has three tiny screens. The place is run mainly by volunteers and is as neat and clean a theatre as you're going to find. Our little screening room was full of patrons, and no one talked or made a sound during the show. (Except for normal, movie watching sounds, of course.) Admission probably rates right up there with the chain theaters, but the snack bar prices were very reasonable, and they offered beer and wine, too. We'll go back if they are playing another movie we want to see before we leave the area.

We have had experience with dog owners who refuse to leash their dogs, thinking they are so well behaved that it isn't necessary. Now, we don't like it that Holly thinks she is 10 feet tall and barks viciously at other dogs, but that's just how it is and it's not illegal. When a large German Shepard or Pit Bull takes offense at Holly's vocal ability and starts towards her, I snatch Holly up in my arms for her protection. The owners always say, "Oh, my dog won't bite." I always say, "You never know," to which they look offended. Too bad. One bite and Holly could be history. We always admonish her for barking at people and dogs, but wish others would keep their pets on a leash, well behaved or not. I usually pick her up when I see other pets approaching, as a precaution, but I'm not always that fast. Only half fast, at times.

This morning, we went to Pepe's for breakfast. It's the oldest eating establishment in Key West. We had a good meal, visited West Marine for the fourth time and then walked to Fausto's for some grocery items. It's a blustery, cloudy, windy day here. We won't go out in the boat, and it may be a good day to start a new book or do some research into our impending travel to the Bahamas.

This blog is supposed to be about our boating travels and living "on the hook," but being stuck at a dock is part of the deal sometimes. I guess we'll just have to plod along and make the most of things while we're here.

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