Swing Set

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

January 2014


Some Small Success

I may have resolved our port engine overheating issue, but then again, maybe I haven't. The water temperature has dropped considerably since I last ran the boat at speed, which was on December 1, but after running more Barnacle Buster through both fuel coolers last week, we did see improvement in our running temperatures when we took Swing Set out last Sunday for a spin...

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Even the Weather in Key West Can Be Disagreeable

As anyone who might be mistakenly reading this blog may know, the very northern part of the U.S. was deep into a deep freeze during the first part of this year, and even though Florida escaped the most frigid temperatures, Key West's climate was less-than-desirable...

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Happy New Year 2014

One of the boaters took a drone view of Stock Island Marina Village the other day. This is a very good shot, and I'll use it to describe our surroundings. First of all, Swing Set is pictured just right of center, in the third row of boats from the bottom of the shot, on the right. Yes, that little speck is us.

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