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Jun 12, 201307:05 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Allen's Cay To Staniel Cay

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We had a nice stay anchored between Allen's Cay and Leaf Cay. The water was calm and crystal clear, but we had no wind and it got hot! The upside was that laying on a raft behind the boat was like laying in a backyard pool without the backyard.

We visited the iguanas on the beach, but Rosie and Holly both stayed in the dinghy. We watched other visitors approaching the iguanas with food (which you aren't supposed to do) only to see them scamper away as the quick iguanas would run toward them to get the snacks.

We took several long dinghy rides in search of the folks that our friend in South Carolina wanted us to look up. Luckily, we didn't find them, because our friend Abby didn't actually know the people, she'd just seen a TV show about them. Johnny Depp has an island further on down the Exuma chain of islands. No, we won't be popping in to say hello.

When we passed through Highbourne Cay on our emergency trip to Nassau, I mentioned the sharks there. We took a dinghy ride over to Highbourne to get some fuel, and I took this picture of the sharks at the fish cleaning station. I told Rosie to get a good hold on Holly, as they were literally bumping up against the bottom of the dinghy.

As we were leaving the harbor, a familiar boat was pulling in, and upon closer inspection, we saw that it was some folks we had met in South Bimini on their Egg Harbor Honey Bunny. We said a quick hello to them as they were just arriving and had guests with them. We wouldn't see them again further on down the Exuma chain this time, as Highbourne was as far as they were going.

We left the next morning from our nifty anchorage at Allen's Cay and said goodbye to the convenient BaTelCo tower at Highbourne Cay. I didn't realize the spotty Internet service that we were to encounter for the next several days was not going to allow publishing this blog. We were able to get enough service to get our all important Windfinder forecasts, and an occasional email, but blogging was out of the question.

Also, our phone minutes were all but used up with our dealings with the credit card company, so I even had to hold off on my weekly calls to my dad. We were still issuing "OK reports" on our SPOT device, so my brother could still relay to our dad that we were OK if he had the inclination to do so.

Our next stop was Norman's Cay, where we thought we'd be able to visit a casual beach-front bar and restaurant there, but it was closed. We took a lengthy dinghy ride and found some folks traveling together on two separate sailboats that we'd waved to in Allen's Cay. They had anchored over in a bay on the other side of the island from us, just yards away from a plane wreck left over from the drug running heyday that Norman's Cay is known for.

Our anchorage at Norman's Cay left us exposed to some southerly winds that were predicted, so we pulled anchor after one night and headed to Shroud Cay, where a spit of land would give us some protection and perhaps a calm night for sleeping. When we arrived, there was two boats already anchored near the spot we'd to take, but it was early and they apparently had plans on leaving. Soon, we had the anchorage, and the beautiful beach, to ourselves.

In this photo, we're heading up a creek that leads to the other side of the island. We'd tried to transit this creek when we first got here at Shroud Cay, but it was low tide and we soon ran out of water. This time, we went late in the day at high tide and were not disappointed.

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