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Jun 27, 201308:59 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Georgetown, or Chicken Harbor

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Tuesday evening was extremely pleasant, and we were lured back to the Exuma Beach Resort by the attraction of two for $5 Sands beers. We returned to the resort with Holly and got two prime seats at their outdoor bar and restaurant called Latitudes. Sarah was very happy to see us again. We met a local fella who knew his way around these islands very well, having lived aboard his sailboat for the last 15 years. Reg was super nice to us, and a very good conversationalist, so the time passed quickly.

They also had fine WiFi at the resort, and I was able to call my dad using Magicjack, so the call was free and we didn't use the bandwidth on our data system. I had a nice chat with him. He was concerned that I had described myself as being fat in my last blog. He didn't understand that I was using what is called "self-depreciating humor." Anyone can see by our recently posted pictures that I'm just as trim as ever. Right? Right?

The restaurant was pretty full in no time. They had some live music playing (one guy on an electric organ), and our new friends Bill and Jensie came in with a group of friends for dinner. We were reminded to meet them on Thursday night, and we promised to be there no matter what. It was just after dark when we finally made our way back again across the harbor to Swing Set.

On Wednesday morning, I had to make a trip back to the Exuma Beach Resort because the nice fella at NAPA, or A.I.D., sold me a 5/8" bolt instead of the desired 3/4" bolt. Not really a big deal until you consider that I was charged $5.20 for a two-inch-long bolt that I'd never use. This time, because I knew the way, I walked to the NAPA, and we did a switch for the proper bolt. I was soon back to the boat.

We spent Wednesday afternoon hovered around the phone. Not only did we expect a return call from an insurance company we'd been playing phone tag with, but our financial advisor wanted to set up a call with us, and there was some logistical issues to contend with. That was OK with us, because rain was threatening and Rosie and I were both reading a good book. Just hanging out on the hook is a good thing to do at times. An added consideration is that I'm battling an ear infection, gotten from extended snorkeling while attempting to spear some snapper back off of Rudder Cay. The fish have gotten their revenge. I don't want to talk about it. Swimming and snorkeling will be out of the question until my ear gets better. Now, I know how Holly feels.

Yesterday, we finally got our calls into our insurance company and our financial advisor. We managed to stay insured and we also were able to stop the hemorrhaging from a bond fund we'd bought with proceeds from the sale of our condo, not yet eight months ago. I hate insurance companies, and I hate investing even more. Both things are necessary evils, like flossing and using earache drops. Not quite, but I'm rushing to get this blog done.

There was supposed to be a beach party at Hamburger Beach at 5 o'clock last night. We took Holly and some beers over...no appetizers this time. At 5 o'clock, when no one else showed up, we left and took a dinghy ride. We met up with some other cruisers over on another beach that meet every day at 4 p.m. We met some more nice folks, one couple anchored in their catamaran just over from us. John and Joanne have been coming here from Jacksonville, Fla., for years. They've lived on their boat for the last 13 years. There's hope for us.

Today, Rosie gathered up the laundry and we took it to town to the local laundromat. She washed two loads and dried them for only $13. Not a bad deal. There were a couple of very nice attendants there, so we didn't have to sit and guard our stuff. While the laundry was going, we walked around and got to know the town a bit more.

It takes time to get to know a new area, and that's all we seem to be doing, but the process gets easier with each new place, because in the end, they are all a lot alike. Georgetown is in a pretty place, but except for some of the resorts, it's still a rundown town, where if it were back in the U.S., a person would be afraid to walk the streets. But the people are mostly very, very friendly and happy to deal with us. There are a lot of similarities here to a city like, say, East St. Louis, only with friendly people.

We're still waaaaay over on our data transfer for the month, but it's only money. As frugal as we try to be, we don't plan on taking any of it with us. If our financial advisor knows his stuff, and so far he has, we'll at least have some left later on as we get down this road of life.

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