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Jun 16, 201308:20 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Great Guana Cay

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As much as we liked the activity around Big Majors Spot, the fact that some people found the anchorage to be appealing to them for water skiing and wake boarding made us begin to consider moving on.

On Friday, Rosie finally went snorkeling. We took the dinghy over to the Grotto and tied to the mooring there just outside of the easiest cave entrance for access. Rosie was impressed with all the fish that she saw and only bumped her head once. We went on a rising tide. Not the best time to go.

Although we'd been to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for dinner, what we really wanted to do was go one last time and have beers and appetizers at the bar, so after our snorkeling trip and a brief nap, we got cleaned up, left Holly in charge of the boat and headed over to the Yacht Club at around 5 p.m.

The highlight of our evening was when the two girls we met traveling on their 27-foot sailboat came in and joined us at the bar. I had gotten my facts wrong last time when I said they were traveling with Nick and his girlfriend, Hillary. In fact, Nick and Hillary have their own boat, and so do Katie and Jessie.

Katie and Jessie came through our home port on the Mississippi, staying at Grafton Harbor and Harbor Point Yacht Clubs. They were really impressed with Grafton Harbor.

We traded stories about some of the same places we'd all been to and were surprised to find they both worked for four months at The Cottage, a favorite bar of ours in Fort Meyers Beach, where they built up their finances to continue their trip. You can find out all about Katie and Jessie on their website: katieandjessieonaboat.com.

We had a good time talking to some other folks, too, but by the time 8 p.m. rolled around, we were ready to go back to the boat and, of course, to Holly.

I'd been keeping tabs on the diesel fuel supply at Staniel Cay. They were getting low, and their price was reasonable at $5.35 per gallon, so I wanted to fill up before we continued on down the Exuma Island chain. I called them on the VHF and was told they were out of gasoline, but they had some diesel. I told them we were on the way.

We filled up with diesel, and also bought water for 50 cents per gallon, which came to $30. Our watermaker was working, but some windless days were coming up and running the generator just to make water is not cost effective. There was also a modification that I wanted to make to the plumbing on the watermaker, so having a full tank on hand in case I ran into problems seemed like a good thing to do.

We left the fuel dock and cruised by Tara and Lovely Louise, the sailboats owned by Nick and Hillary and Katie and Jessie. We let them know we were heading out. They said they might see us on down the line, and we don't doubt it. We've run into them at four different anchorages without planning it.

There was no wind on Saturday, so we made a slow run down to Black Point Settlement, only eight or nine miles from Staniel Cay. We dropped the hook in a popular spot over there, and I was able to make my modifications to the plumbing on the watermaker. We were getting air in the inlet of the filter housing because I'd installed the bracket incorrectly when I put the unit in, so I wanted to correct it. In the sun, my tools became too hot to even pick up, and I had to jerry rig a hose coupling, but in no time I was able to complete my task, and Rosie made us lunch.

Just as we were setting down to eat, two local boys had paddled their beat-up surf boards quite a long distance out to Swing Set. I wasn't going to say anything when they were just fooling around close to the boat, but when one of them grabbed onto the side of the dinghy, I went out to meet them.

They were two young boys of 10 years so and just wanted to relieve their boredom, but after answering a few of their questions, I told them I had things to do. They asked my name, and I gave it to them and asked for theirs in return. Then, Gerard and George paddled away and didn't bother us again.

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