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Jun 16, 201308:20 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Great Guana Cay

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We hung out for a while, but we really didn't like the view. We were just off the government docks at Black Point, and there were plenty of abandoned homes overlooking our anchorage. We decided to pick up the anchor and head around the point to a private anchorage not too far away.

In Little Bay, we found solitude and beauty. Sky blue water and a pristine beach were all to ourselves. We took the dinghy to the beach after I did some snorkeling at some nearby short cliffs. Back on the boat, we put on the stereo and took occasional dips in the water, as it was hot.

We had a good dinner last night, and we did some waxing this morning.

I also called my dad for Father's Day and was able to get him for a short phone conversation. He didn't know it at the time, but I got choked up at one point and couldn't find the words. He probably thought I was still talking and just attributed the silence for a bad connection. We're glad we're living this life, but it does not come without a cost.

Speaking of cost: We got our last bill from AT&T, and our international data plan was exceeded and the bill was nearly $300 more than normal. Rosie called AT&T and asked them why; on our Domestic plan, we get notified if we're about to exceed our data transfer limit, but we didn't get one on our international plan. She was told that it "just was not an option," but they had pity on us dumb souls and gave us a credit for the overcharge. Then, we were informed that since our last new service period that began five days ago, we were nearly at our limit of data transfer already.

This is why this post is being published from our iPad and there are no pictures. I figured out how to set up our bluetooth keyboard on the iPad, so I can use a regular keyboard, but even though I'm able to load our pictures from the iPhone onto the iPad, there' no feature to post pictures on this blog from a file I can access on this iPad. But I'm working on it.

I work at keeping our friends and family aware of where we are, but it amazes me how the thought process is of some folks. For example: People who are going on vacation to Florida, or to anywhere near the ocean, think that because we're traveling in the ocean that wherever they're traveling to must be close to where we are.

The equation would look something like this:

A = Mike and Rosie are on the ocean.
B = We're going to be near the ocean.
A+B = Then, we must be going to be near Mike and Rosie.

Anyone wanting to consider running into us anywhere in the near future, or anytime for that matter, should consider this: We publish where we are most of the time via this blog, or on Facebook. Facebook Maps supply a map, otherwise Google Maps will show you where we are, too. Calculate how far your intended destination will be away from where we are. (You do that, don't give the chore to me. My plate is full.) Then, realize that it costs us at least $3 per mile to move this boat in any direction...and that's a low figure. Then, take into account that we might not be able to go anywhere at a certain time due to weather, and then you'll see that making plans to meet us anywhere out here is problematic.

But don't get us wrong, we're glad people still want to meet us. I just want folks to understand that there's more to it.

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