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Jun 3, 201308:51 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Last Night In Nassau Before Making North Exuma Islands

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On Friday morning, our work was done. We'd have liked to leave Nassau and head for the Exumas, but the wind was still up and it rained...and rained. Not only that, but with the exception of our first night in Nassau with Rick and MP, and the following day at Paradise Beach, our time in Nassau was not all that enjoyable, and we wanted to turn the tide in that regard.

This is the view we had from our cockpit for the week, and this isn't even low tide. The little structure houses trash cans, and most of the time they were overflowing and bags of trash were piled around them.

The harbor on the New Providence side, or the Nassau side, was littered with sunken vessels. Lots and lots of them, with seemingly no intention by anyone to get them removed. The marinas on this side are mostly not sheltered from passing vessels transiting the harbor, and boats get rolled and pitched, even behind the government pier where we were. Add to the mix was the continuous rain we were having, and you can see why we were anxious to get under way. But like I said, we had plans to have some fun on Friday night.

On Friday afternoon, we donned our rain gear and walked to the shopping area, where Rosie found a pair of shoes at a very low price and I bought three pairs of shorts to wear when a ratty swimming suit wouldn't do. Rosie said that they were a good price, but I wouldn't know. I can't remember the last time I bought pants.

We waited for the rain to subside after getting cleaned up to go to the Atlantis Casino. Finally, we put our rain gear on and walked to the security office, where we were to find a taxi and the staffer there said we could leave our rain gear in the office until we came back, so we were able to get into the taxi without being dripping wet.

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