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Jun 3, 201308:51 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Last Night In Nassau Before Making North Exuma Islands

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The sun poked out a bit when we dropped our anchor between Allen's Cay and Leaf Cay. We weren't really where we wanted to anchor, but I didn't want to "snuggle in" between other vessels and raise their ire. We found a pure sand bottom in seven feet of gin-clear water. I could see the anchor clearly from the boat deck but swam down on it just for the fun.

I started writing this post yesterday while Rosie roasted our big, fat chicken and we both sipped on fresh banana daiquiri's, but the Internet connection wasn't very good and pictures wouldn't load up.

Our chicken was joined by red beans and rice and asparagus, not many meals we could've had at Atlantis would've beaten this one. We watched the sun set and both fell asleep reading our books before 9 o'clock.

The wind blew swells in during the night, and it was a little roll. After breakfast, we noticed that a catamaran had left that was anchored nearer to the beach, so we pulled up anchor and moved over to more sheltered water.

Look how the dinghy appears to be floating in mid air behind the boat in the crystal clear water! The beach we're anchored off of is famous for having huge iguanas on it. In fact, I'd used the binoculars to survey the beach this morning, and I at first thought I was seeing big raccoons parading around, but realized it was the iguanas. They're reputed to be biters, too. We know iguanas can swim, so Holly will be staying safely in the dinghy when we go over there this afternoon. I'm not so sure that Rosie won't be staying in the dinghy, too.

We'll also go see if we can find some folks over on Leaf Cay #1. Our friends from South Carolina, Tom and Abby, know these folks who bought the island a while ago for a mere $8 million. No one buys an island for $8 million to welcome visitors who just drop in unannounced, so we hope Kim and Peter aren't mad if we drop in on them later. (We've been practicing saying, "Hi, we're friends of Tom and Abby. What's for lunch?")

Rain is in the forecast for all week, but we don't care. We're glad to be away from the squalor of Nassau and the $100 per night it cost us to stay at Yacht Haven. I bet I'll have a story or two to tell next time. Maybe I'll even have some stories that I can't tell. Even better.

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