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Jun 22, 201309:47 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

Rudder Cay and Lee Stocking Island

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We left Farmer's Cay and choose an inside route past Musha Cay, an island housing a resort owned by the magician David Cooperfield. The whole island is private, and was the prettiest we've seen so far. Each home we saw was spectacular, and the beaches and palm trees are straight out of a postcard. We were only puzzled as to why there were so many elephants roaming the island.

I provide no pictures because we are at an end of our data transfer limit for this month. These blogs are gonna cost us big time in overcharges.

The inside route was a skinny one, and we were on a falling tide. The pucker factor sets in when we hit five feet or less, and we got down to 4.8 a couple of times. But the bottom was sand, which reduced the anxiety level, and soon we were at our next stop, a nice anchorage off of a private island called Rudder Cay.

The beach was nearly as beautiful as the ones on Musha Cay, but there were signs posted for everyone to KEEP OUT. There were dogs roaming the beaches and cameras were mounted at strategic locations, too. We were anchored in six feet of crystal clear water, just out from a cave of sorts. We spent two nights there and both did some snorkeling.

Outside of the snorkeling at the Grotto in Staniel Cay, the snorkeling at Rudder Cay was the best so far. I saw a lobster hiding under a big rock just inside the cave, and I swear it was the largest I'd ever seen. The tentacles had to be nearly two feet long. I went back to see it about four times. I wanted it bad.

But it's not lobster season. Any of you reading this already know that my scruples don't extend into whether it is lobster season or not, usually, but I've already noted the presence of several cameras. The locals may risk fines for lobster fishing out of season, but I'm not going to, at least if there may be witnesses.

Rosie made a call to AT&T to find out why our MiFi device said we had only used 50 megabytes of data transfer when they told us we had used 750 megabytes as of a few days ago. Rosie was informed that the device reporting our usage "was not timely," and by the way, we were now at 799 megabytes. We have a limit of 800 megabytes on our AT&T International data plan. We'll automatically get another 150 megabytes for an additional $30 when we go over. We are over.

I tried to use the iPad to post a blog yesterday, but I cannot see more than the first page of the post if I go over a page. I typed my rear end off yesterday only to lose more than half my blog when I hit some button or another when I was editing.

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