Swing Set

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

June 2013


Junkanoo In Georgetown

Living on the boat is like living anywhere else, but doing the mundane things like laundry, taking out the garbage and grocery shopping presents challenges, and sometimes we find unexpected pleasures. For instance, the other day, we took a bag of laundry across Elizabeth Harbour in the dinghy to the Exuma Yacht Club, where we thought they had laundry facilities, but found out from Clavon, the harbormaster, that they do not. But he directed us to the local laundromat just down the road, so we walked the short distance to it. The laundromat is not in the best part of town, but upon walking in, we met Lee and another attendant there who gave us the skinny on getting our laundry done. Lee explained which machines to use and how much it cost. No payment is made until you're done...

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Georgetown, or Chicken Harbor

Our anchorage just off of Lee Stocking Island, as spectacular as it was, was beginning to lose appeal as our desire for human interaction increased. A somewhat favorable weather window presented an opportunity for us to head to Georgetown on Monday, June 24. I would've preferred less wind coming from the east, but the forecast was for even more wind later in the week, so we took a chance. We chose the early morning on an ebbing tide, not what one would normally do exiting the various cuts out to Exuma Sound, but the cut we were going to use was protected from the easterly winds, so the opposing wind/tide rage was not to be expected. We poked our way along on the bank side of the Exumas until we found Rat Cay Cut, running Swing Set just feet from some reefs and islands dotting...

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Rudder Cay and Lee Stocking Island

We left Farmer's Cay and choose an inside route past Musha Cay, an island housing a resort owned by the magician David Cooperfield. The whole island is private, and was the prettiest we've seen so far. Each home we saw was spectacular, and the beaches and palm trees are straight out of a postcard. We were only puzzled as to why there were so many elephants roaming the island. I provide no pictures because we are at an end of our data transfer limit for this month. These blogs are gonna cost us big time in overcharges. The inside route was a skinny one, and we were on a falling tide. The pucker factor sets in when we hit five feet or less, and we got down to 4.8 a couple of times. But the bottom was sand, which reduced the anxiety level, and soon we were at our next...

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Black Point Settlement and Farmer's Cay

Last Sunday, we had been anchored "around the corner" from Black Point Settlement, and even though the anchorage was pretty, we were getting swells rolling in from the south. We couldn't get in close enough to the beach to offer us any protection from the land jutting out to our south, so we decided to head out. I was at the helm, and Rosie was at the bow, ready to retrieve our "floaty" from the anchor line when I pulled it up. I noticed a new email and checked it, not knowing it we'd have service where we were going at White Point, a few miles south. The email was from Katie, of Jessie and Katie, the two young girls on the sailboat. Katie's dog, Reggie had gotten an ear infection, and Katie wondered if we had any medicine left that we'd been...

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Great Guana Cay

As much as we liked the activity around Big Majors Spot, the fact that some people found the anchorage to be appealing to them for water skiing and wake boarding made us begin to consider moving on. On Friday, Rosie finally went snorkeling. We took the dinghy over to the Grotto and tied to the mooring there just outside of the easiest cave entrance for access. Rosie was impressed with all the fish that she saw and only bumped her head once. We went on a rising tide. Not the best time to go. Although we'd been to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for dinner, what we really wanted to do was go one last time and have beers and appetizers at the bar, so after our snorkeling trip and a brief nap, we got cleaned up, left Holly in charge of the boat and headed over to the Yacht Club at...

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Swimming with the Pigs

We didn't waste any time arranging to have our new credit cards sent to Staniel Cay Yacht Club via Watermakers Air from St. Brendans Isle, our mail forwarding service. The staff at Staniel Cay was very helpful, even though we aren't staying at the marina, but are on the hook just off of Big Majors Spot, an island just across from Staniel Cay. We also showed up with two small trash bags, and as we were pulling up on the very nice dinghy landing at Staniel Cay Yacht Club, we ran into one of the crew on a sailboat that we keep bumping into. Nick has been traveling with his girlfriend and two other girls on their sailboat from Michigan. They've been waving at each stop, and we briefly talked to one of the girls back in Wardrick Wells, but this was the first time we...

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Allen's Cay To Staniel Cay

We had a nice stay anchored between Allen's Cay and Leaf Cay. The water was calm and crystal clear, but we had no wind and it got hot! The upside was that laying on a raft behind the boat was like laying in a backyard pool without the backyard. We visited the iguanas on the beach, but Rosie and Holly both stayed in the dinghy. We watched other visitors approaching the iguanas with food (which you aren't supposed to do) only to see them scamper away as the quick iguanas would run toward them to get the snacks. We took several long dinghy rides in search of the folks that our friend in South Carolina wanted us to look up. Luckily, we didn't find them, because our friend Abby didn't actually know the people, she'd just seen a TV show about them. Johnny...

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Last Night In Nassau Before Making North Exuma Islands

On Friday morning, our work was done. We'd have liked to leave Nassau and head for the Exumas, but the wind was still up and it rained...and rained. Not only that, but with the exception of our first night in Nassau with Rick and MP, and the following day at Paradise Beach, our time in Nassau was not all that enjoyable, and we wanted to turn the tide in that regard. This is the view we had from our cockpit for the week, and this isn't even low tide. The little structure houses trash cans, and most of the time they were overflowing and bags of trash were piled around them. The harbor on the New Providence side, or the Nassau side, was littered with sunken vessels. Lots and lots of them, with seemingly no intention by anyone to get them removed. The marinas on this...

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