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Mar 2, 201309:44 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

A Slice of Life at Marathon City Marina

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Ten minutes later, we got the permit we have been waiting for. While I was engaged in this phone call, Rosie was in the examination room with Dr. Molly Willet and Holly. We waited for the results of Holly's heartworm blood test, and I noticed a woman in the waiting room trying to hold back tears without much success.

"Is your pet hurt," I asked her.

"No, she is just old...." More tears.

The one cruelty that all pet lovers endure is the prospect of losing a pet. It's why we weren't going to ever get another dog. Ever. But the joy is too great. After 13 years without a dog, we couldn't imagine life now without Holly. Our heart went out to this girl in the waiting room.

Then Dr. Molly came out, all smiles as usual. "Holly is just fine, but she still has problems with her teeth."

"What?" On her last two visits, Dr. Molly mentioned how beautiful Holly's teeth were, and now there's a problem? Apparently, Holly has a loose front tooth. We can live with that, and so can Holly. I think Tara, our vet back in St. Louis, would be paying better attention.

We scheduled a visit for Holly to get her health certificate on March 29. Once she gets her certificate, by Bahamian law, we have 48 hours to enter their country. "Yes, that's reasonable," said no one ever. We have reports that we have more flexibility than that, as much as 10 days. Who knows? Weather will play the biggest part on when we enter the Bahamas, and where.

We left the veterinary clinic and walked over to Advance Auto because I wanted oil filters. A man at the counter asked if he could help me, and as I began to talk, he began to talk to a co-worker at the counter with him. I stopped talking, and he finally did, too. Multi-tasking is commendable, but it's been my experience that talking and listening at the same time is not a good practice. He didn't have the filters for the mains and began to say he could have them by the afternoon. I said that we'll just see if he had the filters for the generator instead, not wanting to explain anymore to him than I had to. He had several choices for the generator filters, and asked if I wanted the $14.99 filters or the $5.99 filters. In my world, this falls under the heading of "stupid questions."

"Does Advance sell inferior oil filters?" I asked him.

"Why, no."

"Then, the $5.99 filters will do just fine."

"If money is an object, then I have some Fram filters for $4.99."

When is money never an object when you are buying something? This last thing he said was with a smart aleck tone.

"Sell me the Fram filters," I told him.

As he walked into the back he said something like, "Too bad we don't sell anything but boat stuff here." I did find out that the oil I use was on sale, but couldn't buy it then because we wanted to walk back to the boat without carrying 12 gallons of diesel oil. It's four miles.

We did Mickey Ds for lunch. I smuggled Holly through the restaurant so we could eat out on the deck outside. The only way possible to do this is to hold my hand over her eyes so she doesn't see something to bark at, which is typically everything.

Last stop was the AT&T store, but first Rosie popped into a jeweler and got a new battery in her watch. With that accomplished, we entered the AT&T store and no one was in there but the two people working there. We wanted to see if we could combine our data transfer minutes on the MiFi device we have with the 3G per month we have on the iPad. The nice young man at the counter said we could and still said we could when I told him we didn't want to mess with our iPhone plan because we still have unlimited data transfer on that contract. Then his phone rang, and he went into the back to take the call and the other employee took his place. This is never a good thing for the customer.

"What can I help you with?" she says. Now, I have to explain everything all over again to this new person. I usually don't do this sort of thing in the best humor, trust me.

Long story short, we couldn't change our plan without affecting our unlimited data feature on the iPhone, so we wasted about half an hour at the AT&T store. It was still better than calling them on the phone, which is an excruciating process each and every time.

It was well into the afternoon by the time we got back to the boat. Rain was threatening, so we both relaxed and got into our books until 5 p.m. Then, it was time to go back to the marina for our showers. As I have mentioned before, we are trying to avoid using up all our onboard water, and so far we've done pretty good.

It had started to sprinkle, so we put on our rain gear and motored back over to the dinghy dock. I took a few pictures to give you an idea of what the Marathon City Marina looks like. The picture above is the approach from the harbor. The big building on the left is the office and community center. The shower and laundry are inside, along with a workshop and storage area.

At this time of year, the dinghy docks are usually full of dinghies. The hard bottomed dinghies go on one side of the dock, and the soft sided ones like ours go on the other. The dinghy in the picture looked like it could go either way, about as homemade as I've seen. The fella who owns it has a small cruiser with two wind generators on the radar arch, and every other surface of the vessel has solar panels on it. His boat looks similar to this dinghy. He is probably a very interesting guy, and I plan on talking to him soon.

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