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Mar 2, 201309:44 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

A Slice of Life at Marathon City Marina

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Another view of the dinghy docks. Even though it was raining, boaters found reasons to leave their vessels to either use the shower facilities, the laundry, go to "town" or hang out in the community center at the marina.

Here's Rosie posing after her shower in the community center. There is a large library in here, and there are usually plenty of boaters setting at the tables using there laptops and taking advantage of the free WiFi at the marina. We only wish we could get it out in the harbor on the boat. This is a very stout building, and I wouldn't hesitate to use it for shelter in the event of a hurricane, but I don't know what their policy is in regard to doing so.

Here's another view where you can see the little seating areas in the back, each with a nice TV and theatre seating in case you want to sit in there and watch TV all day. The building closes at 5:30, so going there to watch something in the evening is out of the question. I would prefer to have this building available well into the night, so we could have drunken beer parties. But that's just me.

Here's part of the workshop and storage area. If we were to stay here for a long period of time, a storage locker would be a good idea. Then, we could start accumulating junk again after getting rid of it all last year. It does seem like a good place to take on a project that would be messy or cumbersome aboard the boat.

Today was a work day. I changed out all the zincs on each of the main engines, and all went well. We hadn't changed them since last April, when Karl Kotraba and I did it; the raw-water zincs were still serviceable, but the zincs in the oil coolers were about gone. I'll make it a habit to check them all every four to six months from now on. I also changed the engine oil in the Cats and only ruined one shirt, managing to not get any oil on my pants. This is progress.

After we had lunch, we gathered up all of the trash and used oil, put it in the dinghy and rode back over to the marina. They have bins for used oil, fuel, coolant, dirty rags and used filters, which is very nice and thoughtful, I think.

We picked up a few things that we had purchased from Amazon over the last few days. Yet to be delivered are 16 DVDs we bought, so we could watch them and use them for bartering in the future. While online yesterday, I bought our Rotella oil from Advance Auto, which I will pick up at their store when I can get a ride over there. I was able to save an extra 15 percent by using their online site. The oil filters for our Cats will be delivered free here to the marina, something that the fella in the store told me they don't do. Take that, multi-tasker!

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