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Mar 12, 201309:13 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

How About a Boat Ride!

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Molasses Key sits just south of the Seven Mile Bridge, on the western end. You can't see it in the picture, but there is a nice sand beach. We anchored just off the beach, thinking there would be quite a number of beach-goers on such a nice, albeit windy day, but the only boaters that showed up were in a dinghy. There were about six men and women in this regular-sized dinghy, and they piled out and began to remove all of their clothing. I would have called the Florida Water Patrol, not because anyone was naked, but because a couple of the women hadn't seen the sharp end of a razor on any parts of their bodies, apparently ever.

It was late afternoon by the time we got back to the marina. I was going to drop off Andrea and Marie at the dock and fill up our water tank in the process, but the wind had picked up and I didn't like the looks of the situation. The wind would have blown us up tight against the concrete dock, a scenario that made me nervous, so we hooked back up to our mooring ball, dropped the dinghy and took our guests back to their car. Safe, not sorry.

Today was dental appointment day. On our walk to the dental office, we stopped by the Health Clinic and picked up our paperwork from my visit there last week. Then, we stopped into the optometrist's office to check on our new glasses. They had Rosie's contacts, but the glasses are due in tomorrow. We both had a good visit at the dentists, got our teeth cleaned, and I got my regular scolding about not flossing enough. Nothing new there.

After the dentists, we were headed to West Marine and a fella pushing a cart with all of his belongings in it asked me if I knew what time it was. Now, we used to live in a big city, and I know what the question is that is always after the question about "what time is it," and that question is always, "have you got any spare change"? Always.

So, I said I didn't, in fact, know what time it was.

"But you're wearin' a watch," this guy shouted at me, then started berating me in a threatening manner, warning me that I "didn't know who he was."

Well, he doesn't know who I am, either. I'm the guy with a watch. That doesn't hand out money to panhandlers. I let our government do my charity work, and I'm happy to let them.

We stopped in at a little restaurant on the Overseas Highway called The Stuffed Pig and had lunch. I bet the guy with the cart would have had some choice words for me had he seen us entering that place. Rosie overheard a waitress say that a couple, who had been eating outside, finished all of their food and then complained about how horrible it was, and then refused to pay. They were ordered to leave. Hasn't that waitress heard of the story of Br'er Rabbit? This is the kind of stuff that happens a lot around here...the land of washed-up hippies.

Back at the boat, Holly was glad to see us, and we were glad to be back, too. We were hoping for a "down day," and so were Andrea and Marie, so this is working out perfectly. I might just spend the rest of the afternoon thinking of ways to earn some extra spending money, short of asking strangers for it. One idea that comes to mind involves razors and Molasses Key.

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