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Mar 18, 201310:06 AM

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

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You last heard news about our newly installed wind generator circuit board, and there were some "minor details" that needed to be ironed out. Hardly. I ran a rudimentary test suggested to me by Chris from SALT and was not able to come to any conclusion, so then I started looking into the paperwork that came with the new circuit board and I found that the wrong boards were sent from E Marine in Fort Lauderdale.

It appeared that SALT ordered the correct boards, the ones for our Air-X, but boards for the Air Breeze were sent. No one at SALT caught the error, and thus the wrong board was put in our unit. They look identical, and everything lines up; however, the LED is green on the Air Breeze generator but red on the Air-X, and the circuitry is different. So what?

Well, according to Shawn, one of the owners at SALT, the blades for the Air-X perform differently than the blades on the Air Breeze; therefore, the circuit boards work differently. Our unmatched setup would mean inefficient operation of our Air-X generator, and I'm not overwhelmed with their performance as it is.

I'd wondered who would be the first to suggest that instead of changing out the boards, we could "upgrade" to the Air Breeze blades, making our generators quieter and increase their output. The very idea was suggested within minutes. I may have taken the bait, but we have our upcoming work at Marathon Boat Yard to consider, so I opted to stay on course and accomplish what we set out to do in the first place and save upgrades for the future.

Shawn agreed and had already ordered the right boards, and he promised to get the incorrectly-installed board swapped out and get the proper spare in our hands ASAP. I have faith in human nature but did possess some protection in the fact that VISA was used in all our transactions, plus I had plenty of email verification that all would be done to our satisfaction. I also know that you can't run a business for free, so I agreed to pay for all our labor thus far, after balking at the number of hours they intended to bill us and settling for a lower figure. More about that later.

Marie wanted to hang out at their resort on Wednesday, but Andrea called and said she would join us at a happy hour. Rosie and her chose Sparky's Landing, and Andrea picked us up in Marie's beautiful new Audi.

Andrea was nice enough to take us on two errands on the way, and we got to Sparky's Landing one hour before happy hour and those .25 cent wings and shrimp. We grabbed the three best seats at the bar and met "MJ," a very personable bartender. The bar began filling up and was standing room only by the time 4 p.m. rolled around. We didn't wait too long and ordered a dozen wings and 20 shrimp for the three of us, totaling a whopping $8.

While we were digging into our food, a fella on my left informed me, nicely, I think, that I was in his favorite seat. I allowed as to how it was a very nice seat, and that I scoped it out on our last visit.

"Yep, I get here everyday at 3:30 and stay for three hours. I have three of these PBRs and spend six bucks."

"You're kidding!" I told him, and he appealed to the bartender to verify his claim.

The bartender gave me a deadpanned look and said, "Yes, he spends three hours here everyday and his bill never exceeds six to eight dollars".

"Why, you're takin' up valuable space," is what I told him. He did laugh, but then proceeded to tell me that he possessed a "carry permit."

Remembering a true adage that, "the drop is quicker than the draw," I summed up his demeanor and decided to not give him "the drop" but instead ordered 20 more shrimp because Andrea and I were going through them like Grant took Richmond.

We spent our three hours there, and considerably more than six to eight dollars, and hitched a ride back to the marina with Andrea while she was still legally able. As we made our departure, my PBR friend moved his seat cushion (yes, he brings a seat cushion) over to his favorite seat, happy at last.

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