Swing Set

Swing Set: Cruising Full Time

March 2014


Having Other People Do Things For You Is A Lot Of Work Sometimes

Let's start with some fun stuff! In the picture above is James and Marny with us at Turtle Kraals last week. James and Marny are friends we met at Lake of the Ozarks late in the last century. We haven't seen them since we left St. Louis almost two years ago. They came down with their son, Alex, on the Key West Express, a ferry that operates from Fort Meyers, where they had been visiting Gary and Judy, our mutual friends in Cape Coral. The weather was great last week, and we were able to spend time at Dante's pool and get Swing Set out of her slip two days in a row. We took a 34-mile route one day out around the western end of Key West to show James and Marny downtown from the water, and then we cruised out to Sand Key Light, where we saw the sunken tug boat Tilly...

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Zoomin' on the Zuma

Here's Rosie standing next to our new Yamaha 125cc Zuma, the 15th motorcycle I've ever owned, and even though it's technically a scooter, it belongs on the list of motorcycles. You Harley riders will just have to live with that. Even though a better deal could have been made on a larger, used bike of some kind, once you begin to learn the ins and outs of scooter parking here in Key West, you can quickly see that smaller is better. If you can't find a secure place to lock your ride to a post or rack with a cable, you won't have it long, and the Zuma is the most stolen scooter in the Keys, mainly because it's the most popular. Being a popular model, it will make selling it that much easier when or if the time comes to go somewhere else, but in...

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The Red Tub Boat is Gone, Really Gone

I'm starting this post with a picture that was taken by "Ferd" when the Fenton gang was down here a couple of weeks ago, just because we like the photo so much. Ferd is Sharon's boyfriend, and Sharon is the pretty woman smiling between Rosie and I when we spent the afternoon at Schooner's Wharf. Now, I'm not a reporter, so I don't have to research the facts, and I won't because then this becomes work, and I'm not looking for more work, but the facts, as I know them, about the red tug boat that I wrote about a couple of blogs ago, is that we woke up one day and Tilly was being escorted out of the channel into Safe Harbor, as promised, one month after it came here. The boat, when we first saw it, was named Tilly, and if you Google Tug...

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